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    Send a message to Ivielios
    Ivielios posted on Aug 17, 2012 4:03:23 PM - Report post
    I am running into a crash at a specific location. Even with no cheats activated, but the trainer active, it will crash to desktop every time. I am running it in Administrator mode, with no antivirus program active. The trainer is the latest version. This is honestly the first time I've had any issues with this trainer.

    I am leaving Wellspring for the first time, doing the quest to return the supplies to Dan. I enter the area where it informs me "This are is controlled by bandits. Destroy them for an immediate reward!". It doesn't matter if I engage the bandits, destroy the bandits first, or even try to speed past them to avoid them. AS soon as I get near the center of the first open area, the gme freezes and crashes to desktop.

    I have also noted that while in Wellspring and the area immediately after, the cheats work, but the voice that announces "Activated" seems muted and extremely hard to hear.
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    Send a message to singerrcp
    singerrcp posted on Aug 22, 2012 10:29:17 AM - Report post
    Check yor video settings, I was getting a NVIDA error until I adjusted options on video.

    I'm seeing a new update on the RAGE exe that apparently locks up all the cvar's. It also seems to now record if the trainer has been used, even if I restart the game after using it. ANy idea on how to stop that?
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    Send a message to Tonour
    Tonour posted on Sep 02, 2012 3:25:54 PM - Report post
    I can get into the game, turn on the trainer and options fine, but then about 10 mins into gameplay the game crashes to desktop. Turned off AV and all that. Any ideas?
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    Send a message to JamieHawk
    JamieHawk posted on Sep 22, 2012 10:42:29 AM - Report post
    I have windows 7 and can't get the trainer to work
    I have tried all 3 versions of trainers
    I get the activated voice and the number keys say on and off
    but nothing actually happens in the game
    Any suggestions?


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    Send a message to Jumpzy
    Jumpzy posted on Oct 01, 2012 5:30:43 AM - Report post
    I can't seem to get the trainer to work proper either.
    Well it works, but the game crashes after a certain amount of time, usually after loading zones.

    Tried just regulary running the trainer and the game, result = crash.
    Tried following the troubleshooting, turned off AV, firewall and other security software and loading trainer and game as Administrator, result = crash.
    Tried running the game without the trainer, result = game completed without crashes.

    I don't know if it's the trainer that has an issue with the game, or the game that has an issue with the trainer.
    One thing is for certain, the trainer and game does not like each other.

    Since the game is pretty damn easy anyway, here's my advice if you absolutely must cheat.

    1. Play the game without the trainer until you get the merchants in Wellspring unlocked.
    2. Save and exit the game.
    3. Start the trainer and game, use the money and race certificate cheat and buy all the crap you want, make sure your money does not exceed 9999 when you're done, since this apparently is the games maximum without the trainer.
    4. Save and exit the game again.
    5. Start the game without the trainer and enjoy playing with fully upgraded vehicles, weapons and a ****load of ammo and supplies to craft stuff.
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    Send a message to t3tsu0GO
    t3tsu0GO posted on Nov 08, 2012 12:20:34 AM - Report post
    Trainer crash on Windows 8 upon opening... I realize it is a longshot getting an updated trainer for a new OS. Got this game on sale on Steam and ID disabled the console cheats with a previous patch so the trainer is the only hope of getting thru this with minimum frustration.
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    Send a message to Kingsbury
    Kingsbury posted on Nov 13, 2012 9:48:37 PM - Report post
    Lastest trainer says Win 8 compatible, but still crashes after activating.
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    Send a message to Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez posted on Nov 25, 2012 5:24:22 PM - Report post
    Well, this sucks. I have the game and trainer (latest version both of em). After i found out that i have to disable the health everytime i enter Wellspring (so the game doesn't shut down) and after doing a few missions i headed back to Wellspring and deactivated the healt option the trainer went crazy on me and keeps saying "Activated, Activated, Activated,
    Activated," you get the point.

    Even if i quit the game and the trainer, when i start the game and activate the trainer it keeps saying "Activated, Activated, Activated,". Has the game been patched?

    The AV is not interfering with the trainer and i run it as admin as i do with all the trainers. Gonna log off and back on to see if this fixes it.

    Well logging off and then back in seems to have made it work again.

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