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Locked Topic  Trainer Authentication Failed
Neo7  posted on Oct 01, 2011 12:27:12 PM - Report post

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If you still cannot get it to authenticate after a fresh install of an OS, then yes you should contact your ISP about the issue.
BigBodZod  posted on Oct 03, 2011 3:56:20 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Xalek

I've just booted up my old computer that hasn't seen the internet in a year.

When I last used it trainer authentication was fine.

The old computer, even after the latest boot up, has performed no AV or firewall updates.

Now however, it has the same trainer authentication problem.

I've already disable my router and modem firewalls.

Could Comcast be blocking outgoing port 80 for anything other than web browsers?

I know you probably still don't have any suggestions, but I'll keep updating this thread as I discover more about this issue.


I have Comcast as well and have not had this issue, however, since you have also used an older computer to test the very same thing then it has to be some kind of ISP issue, I wonder if somehow they have blocked the CH authentication server/service from returning any information or just plain blocking it altogether.

I'm going to assume it is *not* the same server as the Website but of course there maybe no way to tell without contacting Comcast for assistance.

Maybe they can confirm if there is no return packets coming from the authentication server or simply any packets being sent to that server are being dropped.

Xalek  posted on Oct 03, 2011 4:37:31 PM - Report post

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I've called Comcast to confirm that traffic on port 80 isn't monitored or blocked. Obviously it isn't blocked outright because I would notice that my web browsers wouldn't work.

I'm guessing that these trainers use some sort of shell or extension for IE that allows it to send something http.

I would assume that the packet data wouldn't look any different than browser data so them monitoring wouldn't do any good either.

Plus they said they do neither for port 80.

I did realize that I'm mistaken about my router settings. I had upgraded the firmware recently on my linksys router to the latest version.

However, disabling the firewall would seem to give me the best shot at getting a clean pathway for the trainer's traffic.

I have to believe that something about my local network has changed that is not allowing outbound on port 80 for something other than a web browser. PWizard is right.

While I was writting this, I plugged straight into the modem and was able to authenticate. So the firmware update on my router is "F"ing my "S" up.

So any suggestions from the peanut gallery?

A colleague suggested dd-wrt for router firmware, but I'm a little apprehensive about flashing my router, then ending up with no UI from a bad install and ending up with an expensive brick.

Does anyone know a stable firmware for linksys wrt110?

Or perhaps what setting might be stopping the authentication even while the firewall is disabled?

[Edited by Xalek, 10/3/2011 4:38:48 PM]

Xalek  posted on Oct 03, 2011 5:24:40 PM - Report post

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In general when something is labeled as an upgrade, one expects an increase in performance, reliability, or broadly bettering of current circumstances.

After some reading linksys has bungled the firmware at each version, as the most stable firmware is the shipped version.

I've found a website that archived the older firmwares and "downgraded to that."

Initially I changed firmware because the router was having new device connection issues, where it wouldn't allow the new device to identify the network type or the internet gateway. It hadn't had problems like that before and I was wondering if it was getting too old and worn. So before I went out to buy a new router, which I may do anyway in the near future, I thought I would exhaust my options of fixing that situation. Plus older firmware seems like a security risk.

I'm glad I figured it out.

Thanks for reading posts and humoring me.

I am now able to authenticate the trainer.

PWizard  posted on Oct 03, 2011 5:30:21 PM - Report post

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Thanks for updating us on this issue. Thread will be archived in case anyone else comes across this peculiar problem in the future.
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