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    JustSomeGuy posted on Oct 07, 2011 6:19:17 AM - Report post
    originally posted by JustSomeGuy

    originally posted by m8tal

    You don't see the skulls in your inventory when you pick them up. There are 5 to find and you drop them off at 5 locations to get a blueprint for a developer's mod weapon.

    Ah... thanks for the links m8tal. That clears things up a bit.

    Now if I could figure out how to, or if it is possible, to modify more than one store at a time so I can shop for my weapons without having to quit all the time, or put back in a "stock" shops.scr file except for the place I am about to visit. That would be good!

    When I tried it before I got nothing... and by nothing I mean that the shops were empty. Perhaps I missed something. I can do it if I only modify ONE shop (I did the one at the church) and got some good stuff. But I want to be able to modify at least a couple of them throughout the game and just keep the file intact from then on. Is that possible?

    Ok... you CAN mod more than one shop at a time in the game. This last time I did it step by step each time I went to a new area (different act) and it worked. Though, looking over the code from the first time I tried doing it all at once I think I may have put something out of order or used more than 4 items in the shop. Plus, this time I only modded one shop per area which is all I needed anyway. At least I could go back to all the shops and still buy stuff if I wanted to when I did it this last time. You know... when you would go back to an area to finish a quest or something.

    So thanks for all the hints and tricks you guys and gals... I have about 212 hours in now and it's still fun to play!

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