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    Notice on trainer operation
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    Neo7 posted on Aug 27, 2011 3:57:22 PM - Report post
    Because nobody ever reads the thread before posting "OMG TRAINER NOT WORKING HELP" and missing solutions, this gets its own sticky topic:

    originally posted by Caliber

    i hate having to post the same solutions over and over... arghh-

    the trainer deactivates itself between loads and missions ON PURPOSE to prevent it from being detected and to keep the game from crashing. this is ON PURPOSE and in the readme notes of the trainer....

    unlimited ammo or mega items options may have to be pressed again if your ammo gets low (i.e. the clip runs out or is low)

    also, these options only work on the first 10 or so items in the inventory so you might need to drop alot of unneccessary or unimportant items to see the trainer affect what you want it to.

    the unlimited sprint was checked and found working. i used praxis points to completely augment my legs and body.

    NOW, what you might not notice is that when the option is ON for unlimited sprint the little BAR for sprint WILL NOT pop up any longer. You still sprint, but the bar doesn't show. This is because the trainer is making the sprint value unlimited and the bar code isn't triggered until it's below 100%, which never happens.

    For inability to MOD weapons:

    \ Key: Set items to 1 - some people report an inability to add mods to items
    or weapons if there are multiples of them. Press this key to
    set the quantity of items/ammo/weapons to 1 and see if you can then
    apply the mods to the items or weapons. You can use option 9 or 0
    after this to reset your reload/items back to high values after
    you are done.


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    Neo7 posted on Aug 29, 2011 6:52:09 PM - Report post
    Additional Troubleshooting Steps (because once again, no one reads the threads nor the troubleshooting guide and if anyone keeps not reading them we will just tell you to read them in a very bored voice):

    1. Program Compatibility Issues
    This is the number one most common reason why trainers fail. It results in one of three most common cases:

    A. User has an anti-virus that is not designed to weed out false positives (AVG comes to mind very fast. Avast updates their definitions for false positive corrections extremely slowly). 3rd party firewalls may also block trainer authentication (Windows Firewall by default does not block trainer authentication).

    B. User has a plethora of computer security products that are unnecessary and slow computer performance (see link in signature how to properly secure your computer).

    C. An anti-hack tool installed by any game is active and disabling anything that remotely resembles a hack (Punkbusters for example).

    So now that we understand the most common reasons, you can now go and check your security product settings to add CHU's website and trainer programs you download to their exception lists. All trainers downloaded from this site are free of malware and some AV products like to protect you without alerting you of it's action to make it more "user-friendly". The easiest configuration for almost any AV/Firewall product without uninstallation is to set it to ask the user what to do for any detection it makes (check your program help files for how to do this)

    Not entirely sure that another program is interfering with your trainer? Microsoft has built in a special boot mode called Clean Boot Mode. This troubleshooting mode disables all non-Windows services and start-up programs from launching when you turn your computer on. It is essentially one step higher than Safe Mode. If you have a product that may be interfering with your trainer operation that isn't an AV or firewall, this is the tool to use. Microsoft has instructions how to do this here: Link


    2. Make sure you have the proper trainer version

    This is another big one. A lot of users make the mistake that you need the latest version of the trainer. You need the trainer version that corresponds to your game version. Check the game version of your product then download the trainer that has the same version number. This is a simple as that.


    3. Follow the NFO instructions to the letter

    This game is a bit strange with it's execution to protect it's inner workings. Caliber has posted some need to know info in the NFO file (which some of it has already had to be reminded in the previous post).


    4. Check System Stability

    Those are the common reasons a trainer will not work and the troubleshooting guide has many more steps for you to try. If for some reason your trainer still isn't working, you should check to see if your OS is up to scratch.

    A. Open an Administrator Command Prompt
    B. Type the command: sfc /scannow
    C. Wait for the scan to finish.

    This will make Windows scan your core system files and check their integrity. If this process fails or displays the message "Windows found corrupted files but could not repair them all" or something similar, you may need to reinstall your Operating System. This is usually the result of previous virus damage or an improper (often pirated) version of Windows. From my experience, I have never been able to completely restore a Windows Vista or Windows 7 that has sfc spit out those errors but you're welcome to try using Microsoft's instructions here: Link

    [Edited by moderator Neo7, 8/29/2011 6:56:58 PM]
    Your bitterness, I will dispel
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