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Science Fiction As Art
bob_person  posted on Aug 24, 2011 2:09:17 AM - Report post

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After cruising around different forums I found something interesting. Most people who play this game hate the whole yellow/orange color palette. Now I do agree it isn't exactly easy on the eyes but there seems to be something else. Maybe its the fact that the people making the game decided that even if it meant making game play worse, they would not compromise their artistic integrity. That would be like saying that Ridley Scott should have cut some of the great city panoramic scenes from Blade Runner so they could have more action or whatever. Come to think of it what science fiction movies do you think aren't just movies they're art? Same goes for video games.

Mine are:
2001 A Space Odyssey:
1969/Stanley Kubrick/I shouldn't have to explain this one.

Silent Running:
1972/Douglass Trumbull/Pretty boring to most people but its also a very unique story with amazing model work.

Blade Runner:
1982/Ridley Scott/Just watch it.

1984/David Lynch/Yeah I know it doesn't do the book justice but just look at the design of it... beautiful!

The Abyss:
1989/James Cameron/The bottom of the ocean has never before or since been with such crushing(get it?) realism or style.

I really wanted to put The Black Hole and Star Trek The Motion Picture on here but for some reason I can't oh well. Finally, yes, I believe I have yet to see an artistic sci-fi movie that uses cgi (Moon came close).

Lord Vader  posted on Aug 24, 2011 6:19:45 AM - Report post

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yea..all the yellow/orange is not easy on the eyes and kinda reminds me off Matrix where its all green.

Mine's a lot similar to urs:

2001:A Space Odyssey (How can i forget this movie. i even have all the books.) yes 1969 Stanley Kubric.

Blade Runner(1982: Harrison Ford/Rutger Hauer)

The Abyss(Ed Harris/Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Ah fond memories of this movie too)

infinite_gamer  posted on Aug 24, 2011 7:49:35 AM - Report post

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Movies:Alien/H.R. giger/1977(the fore-runner of sci-fi art)
Blade Runner/1982(for reasons already mentioned)
2001: A Space Oddessey(Kubric is just a genuis)
Star Wars/1977(opened up a whole new sci-fi art tecnique and tech)

Games: Bio-Shock,Half-life,Dead space.

[Edited by infinite_gamer, 8/24/2011 7:50:21 AM]

Chikushodo  posted on Aug 24, 2011 8:24:12 PM - Report post

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I found many aspects of this game to have items taken from Ghost in the Shell AND Metal Gear Solid. Anyone who looked at the contents in-game and achievements, along w/ the boss fights would find so much similarities.
So when I looked at the art, I loved it very much because it encompassed the half jap/chinese/european vibe. Regarding the culture of the game, it reminded me of Serenity (TV show and movie).

As for some saying its too yellowish, interesting enough I guess the reason for them to hate it too much is more like the reason why human eyes are more sensitive to green and yellow light spectrum.

I took art class for architecture and there were some arts that professor said to look at for some time. The arts were simply, but after a while most of us got annoyed just looking at the art. It was not the art, but the color that was playing tricks w/ our brain. Same w/ some arts that made us feel good b/c of the color direction it placed. So overall, it is more of a subtle subconscious level recognition of color by the brain that is at play. And while at it, I think this game nailed the prospect just right---be it in a good way or bad.

Overall, I think the game borrowed a lot of stuff from GITS and MGS universe. I don't mind that, but after beating the game, I can say, the game is more focused on the morality issue, than the art and history of Deus Ex universe, even though the devs. put so much emphesis on how ''the art and design says so much about the world of deus ex.''

Also one thing I hated is this:
The devs said they wanted to make us believe that we live in a futuristic, artistic world. Ok, so shouldn't that go for fashion statement as well?
I mean you see that TV girl wearing awasome (and hot) looking elizabethian style clothing; you walk around and see poster of hot dress and stuff all over the place, but when you get to see a pedastrian, all you see is 2011's business clothing on them!
And don't get me started w/ the club dance and dancer's outfits. Considering this game is developed in montreal, I had no doubt that they would hold back on the nudity aspect, but if you portray half of it around the world in an artistic way, why hold back in a bar? They could get some hints from Witcher 2, GITS's cyborg females, etc. Again, this is not for sexual material to be placed there, but to improve upon the theme that is Deus Ex.
Last but not least, what's up w/ the rectangualar design and pattern on all clothings/armors?

bob_person  posted on Aug 26, 2011 8:09:44 AM - Report post

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Honestly the contrast between the average civilian on the street and characters like the news lady style-wise I think works well in displaying a class separation of sorts. As for the art style of the architecture and subsequent decorations I would have preferred a little bit more of the art deco influence. Still the game's depiction of Detroit as looking part Metropolis and part Los Angeles 2019 as pretty amazing. Still we have had far too many books/movies/games about dark stylish dystopian worlds. Why not have one that takes place in a beautiful, perfect, and of course stylish utopia? I mean what could be farther from reality than a perfect world? And yes that was social commentary.
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