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    CallofPCgamer posted on Jun 24, 2011 4:23:29 PM - Report post
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    MovieBuff333 posted on Oct 02, 2011 1:21:33 PM - Report post
    I was really excited & delighted the first day, even getting my friends to sign up & download the freeplay client. The game had so much promise and style, customizing armor with REUSABLE, UNIVERSAL dyes (shame on you Perfect World International... probably earn more money on dyes than any other merchandise in the cash store).

    You start from birth, your escape, and the plot missions area lot of fun and I actually read through their briefings instead of "click, click yeah yeah yeah lemme go grab it or kill it...where's my tracking marker pointing?" So they put in some solid work.

    Or so I thought.

    I logged off last night after having done my first solo instance (if you HAVE to bring a friend on a mission, you're probably not playing your character right. hehehe) I was looking forward to the second day of playing the game and getting into the PVE mission system & team matchmaker. Only to find when I logged on again that at level 16 from the night before I'd basically gone almost as far as I could in single player solo. I just have the final story mission/instance left to do and then nothing but random team PVE or PVP...until level 20 at least when I can start doing solo random PVE missions.

    So the promise I felt was there was just a fizzle...a glorious introduction to get into multiplayer grinding. (Sigh) If that's all I wanted for a game, I'd go play Left4Dead.

    What they should have done is if they didn't want to write more solo storyline missions then to open it up for others to write & submit some cool missions instead.

    Having a lot of missions & variety & keeping things interesting is what keeps games like Hellgate London (or is it Hellgate Global now?) running and keeps their cash store flowing.

    This company paid big bucks to license the Unreal 3 engine and if they want to start raking in the cash it will need to be with expansions. The PVP & team players are already happy, it's seducing us solo players that will have us dumping in cash. I was about to buy the $20 Elite Agent pack today until I ran out of missions to play (aside from their matchmaking randomizer system).

    They still have a lot of potential though...but this is one game I'll probably uninstall soon and check back on their site every once in a while for expansion updates. Others may like it, but I'd rather play Champions (pay-per-month, I never got into their free system and the paid one is WELL worth the cash) or Hellgate Global/London.
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