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So much for 12 years of hype...
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    HonestGamer posted on Jun 15, 2011 10:54:56 AM - Report post
    I didn't submit what I am writing here as a game review because technically its just a rant.

    What can I say...I am not the only one on this planet who has been waiting for Duke Nukem Forever to come after it was announced way back during 1998!

    And what do we get after 12 years of hyping, developer changing action? A travesty that will take forever to get interesting. The game is a dull and graphically dated ride where Duke Nukem is literally emasculated.

    Having pre-ordered this game 2 months ago and trying to figure out what they would possible do to make this game worth the wait, I was disappointed (Disappointment is a complete under-statement) that they made the game look like a generic shooter where the character does a few, rather useless things that we don't find in most shooters. They might be a tad entertaining. But as a package - The game is a wreck. The visuals are dated and rather make the game look like Quake 4 (Which is IMHO one of the finest shooters ever made). The shooting mechanics are also pretty mediocre and offers no such thrill which we expected the most - Since its Duke Nukem we are talking about.

    The levels are also pretty much senseless. Duke Nukem Manhattan had the same problem here (******-******* keycards...LOL) But still that game was a blast.

    Anyhow I guess we can expect the sequel by 2037 which would surely have a bit more substance...LMAO!
    Life is best for those who enjoy it, difficult for those who analyze it and worst for those who criticize it.
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    DABhand posted on Jun 15, 2011 11:17:36 AM - Report post
    Duke Nukem games were never meant to be amazing looking and indepth that much, the idea was a fun adult orientated game without being too lewd.

    I liked it personally as it reminds me of the old Duke Nukem titles.

    Unfortunately people want quality of looks these days in games rather than quality in gameplay and humour. Dungeon Siege 3 I have been told is extremely short as people wanted something nice to look at, whereas old Dungeon Siege's where long but not really amazing in the graphics department.

    If people played Duke Nukem at face value then they would enjoy it more.
    Oh and Don't forget some tuts on ASM and defeating DMA

    Clicky Here for them
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    HonestGamer posted on Jun 15, 2011 11:47:38 AM - Report post
    Well I am more of a casual gamer, and its not all about graphics for me. The humor was a sad excuse for the developers to make the game "sound" good. I agree with GameSpot here. They say that the developers make Duke say things like "This sucks" or something similar. So even they know the travesty they have released under the name of Duke Nukem. They sure had more time than anyone else to create a MUCH better game than this. It feels rushed by the very first look at it.
    Life is best for those who enjoy it, difficult for those who analyze it and worst for those who criticize it.
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    schoolofmonkey posted on Jun 15, 2011 7:21:55 PM - Report post
    This game was a complete disappointment for a 12 year wait.
    I've heard some people comment that because of the long time between this game and Duke Nukem 3D we've grown up.

    But looking back at DN3D, thats not the case.

    I've played through DN3D again after DNF, and I enjoyed DN3D much more, with its dated graphics, Flat enemies (Seriously look at them from the side.lol), and basic sound, but the story and game play ****s all over DNF.

    You even get a friggin Jetpack, and exploration of level, what better than looking for all the secret rooms for heath packs and ammo.

    Man even a complete remake of DN3D leaving everything the same but the graphics would of been better than the crap they pumped out with DNF..

    Seriously consoles have a lot to answer for, but you can't just blame them, the lazy rushed out game we see today is also the developers fault, trying now to cash in on the 12 year gap of Duke Nukem and the public out cry when the game was cancelled.

    I've seen all the screen shots of the original sequel to DN3D and they look so much better than this crap.

    I've given DNF a change and played it through twice (Bloody painful, I may add), and it still sucks.

    Oh on another note, who remembers that DN3D had 4 story lines, now that's value for money.
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    Aeterna85 posted on Jun 15, 2011 8:30:40 PM - Report post
    I personally never played the first Duke Nukem game, or any Duke game before DNF, but I thought the game was a lot of fun and the graphics were pretty good, for the most part. I didn't like distance graphics for things like landscape, but beyond that the levels were fun, I especially loved being mini duke in the RV car going through that hotel.
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    Send a message to Emps
    Emps posted on Jun 15, 2011 8:36:05 PM - Report post
    You know i like the game but i do feel that its lacking the fact there is no jetpack what so ever. I felt the game was really short aswell i mean when i buy a game cost me £45 that has 23 levels aprox total i don’t expect each level to only take 5-15mins 4 and bit hours total to complete i litrually payed about £11 a hour enjoy it in context from the £45 i could watched 5 movies at the cinema with popcorn and drink for each would gave me 10 hours enjoyment.

    I do remember duke nukem 3d, it was my favourite game when i was about 8 maybe was only cause i was 8 years old but that game took me about a month to complete just the 1st scenario took about a week where as this game 12 years i been waiting for it took me a little over 4 hours and wernt like i was rushing either.

    I do seriously feel that the developers tried to do a bit to much it was kind of a strategy game that puzzles took 30-40 secs to work out combined with a doom (new doom not classic) feel imo should just removed puzzles made it just straight 1 dimensional shoot up 1 thing was really impressed with tho is 1 of the light bulbs hang from a wire when hit did move very realistically and the shadows and light change was done excellently and the actual geometry of where u hit it from went well ( i know lot people are thinking wtf is he on crack but trust me do you know how hard something like that is to do in opengl or direct x)

    Talking about levels tho i also felt they should of made them a bit more open like duke 3d where u could go nearly every where felt very sort 3d platform u can only go 1 way there a few side rooms along the way but there no real chance getting lost i mean d3d had secret rooms every sometimes 7 or 8 in 1 level u had to press every thing on you way around to find um
    Also remove some of the checkpoints i mean there no fear of death if when u die ur only 30 secs behind where u died seemed every time u walked thro a door pressed a button or killed anything you would have reached another checkpoint for example on on boss fights you would usually have a few normal enemies kill them checkpoint reached boss appears 40 secs later boss dead check point reached walk behind boss next level check point reach 3 check points in 2 mins.

    On + side tho it did take me back a bit to my child hood and some of the humour in it is hard to explain it’s not funny as in lol but funny as in at least the developers are not just boring farts if that makes sense

    as games go its not terrible i mean i did enjoy it and i will probs dig it out again and play it but i do feel that i expected a lot from it and it didn’t live up to my expectations playing duke 3d combined with fact was 12 years in making and i saw the early 2000 trailer which unless im mistaking showed duke driving boats with guns motor bikes cars space ships etc i was expect a lot more than a big 4x4 and forklift truck www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPX_y7wP_ko&feature=related < 2000 trailer i would actually like to give this a go 3d realms if u still got it even just source code send it to me please looks kewl

    another early trailer www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fdllz6QbR88&feature=related

    [Edited by Emps, 6/15/2011 9:02:02 PM]
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    Mississauganese posted on Jun 15, 2011 8:57:58 PM - Report post
    I'm just surprised that this game is actually released.
    So far I like humours in this game.
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    the1396 posted on Jun 15, 2011 10:47:54 PM - Report post
    in my opinion its the modern day gamers that have a problem with duke. i grew up on the old sega system so i missed alot of duke except for 3d which really wasn't a game for my childhood in hindsight. meh.

    the thing is peopel expect a top of the line graphic game with a story like CoD, mass effect or oblivion. and yeah compared to a big name game its a dissapointment.

    however duke was and always is a simple by the by game that takes all of lifes problems and takes it way to far poking fun at itself in the process. duke was never ment to be taken seriously.

    i payed to get a nice light game i did not have to think on and get some lols along the way and duke has more than delivered on that. multiplayer is alot more intese than i thought but i works for it just do no expect any serious multiplayer teams.

    best way for me to think of it is with all the sonic games lately if someone remade one int he style of the old sidescroller run and jump even from other angles and added more to it i would know exactly what it is and respect what its doing. same thing with duke. duke is showing that the old retro games are not a thing of the past they are the core of any true gamer and really did define the golden age of games for a lack of a better term.
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