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Locked Topic  As i feared
awakendjay  posted on May 18, 2011 12:08:59 PM - Report post

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whoa boy, has the cavalry arrived ? Last time I checked, this is a website on cheating, hence the name cheathappens? And am I seriously being flamed because one of the cheats I usually prefer to have in ANY rpg is not there? Most rpg games have a direct link and tie to spell/ability upgrades and the exp or leveling system.

Excuse me if i don't play a game, how u play it.......What I usually do is play the game on hard difficulty, and crank up all the spells as extra tools, which makes the game balanced and more engaging for me (i paid for it, i think i have the right to play it the way i want to)

In Fable 1 via cheats you could get all spells/abilities from start of game
In Fable 2 via "EXPLOITS" you could get all spells from start (which i did on xbox360 via an exploit)
In Fable 3 it seems you cannot do that.......

so once again, am i "bleeping" seriously getting flamed for not having a "common" cheat in a rpg game on a cheating website?

That's like being made fun of for holding a gun in a war........

oh and, why did i call the game "DUMB" ? I'm not the only one who said that, there are TONS of people who called it a bad game, heck, IGN just gave the game a 6/10 review....

Reason why i didn't buy the game for xbox 360 is because i heard it was bad, and the only ONLY reason i got it for PC, is because I've played games before that was horrible, but with a certain cheat/mod made it actually fun (beowulf anyone? rise of argonauts anyone? etc etc )

awakendjay  posted on May 18, 2011 12:13:46 PM - Report post

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originally posted by XxMrDestruction

You are calling it dumb because of a spell?

No, I'm calling the game dumb, FOR THE SAME REASON TONS of other people called it dumb ( in comparison to fable 2 and 1)

BUT, i love the fable series, and the main thing that coulda saved the game for me is having ALL the spells/abilties at start of game.....
TELL ME THIS ISN'T COOL TO HAVE AT START OF THIS GAME !!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTweR2puS04
And don't give me ur bull crap that "u should earn it"....this is a cheating website for crying out loud.....excuse me if just having infinite health, 1 hit kill, doesn't appeal to me....not all people cheat the same way, i like cheatcodes that DO NOT make me immortal, but rather cheats that give me all the powers at start of game........
last time i checked, I'm not telling u have to use ur cheats..... loser

awakendjay  posted on May 18, 2011 12:19:22 PM - Report post

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And to clarify, I'm NOT upset that the cheat is not there, I'm rather upset at the GAME! for being designed in such a way that you can't cheat at it the normal way to get all abilities.... I know the story is important, but gameplay is just as important to me, and i like playing it with all upgrades ( hence my lifetime subscription to this site )
Skyheart  posted on May 18, 2011 12:22:32 PM - Report post

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1. Someone's overreacting.

2. Be polite to other members. They, and I, were merely expressing their opinions. Just like you were, actually. I don't think you'd have liked being called a loser for your "bull crap" as you put others' posts.

3. You're right. Everyone plays a game, and in turn cheats, in a different way. But these are the cheats available. The only cheats. Deal with it.

4. Justifying calling a game dumb with the excuse "so have tons of other people", or because it doesn't behave the way you think it should like "every other RPG" isn't really a reason. Nor is not being able to get an ability at the beginning of the game. As was the point of most other posts in here.

5. This is a discussion forum. You post something, people are going to reply. Contrary to your seeming opinion, not every one of those people are going to agree with you. You don't like it? Don't post it.

6. Don't be an ass.

7. Don't triple post. There's an Edit Post link for a reason. If it's too long, then condense your post, take out the redundant stuff, or just wait until someone else has said something.

If every game was made how you expect it to, i.e. like every other game you've played, then the gaming world would become a very, very boring place. Personally I kind of like the idea of abilities becoming unlockable via game progress rather than level progress, because it ensure's that you'll actually get it. XP based progression sometimes means you won't reach a high enough level before the end of the game to get a certain ability.

Cheats are a privileged... they're not built into the game. If CH wasn't around to give you those cheats, would you go to the dev's forum and complain how they made the game?

[Edited by Skyheart, 5/18/2011 12:29:34 PM]

awakendjay  posted on May 18, 2011 1:07:09 PM - Report post

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1. Someone's overreacting - NO, if you base overreaction by saying bull crap, or loser, you are the one who is overreacting. The bulk of what I type was actual personal reasons why i felt the way i did about the game.

2. Be Polite to other members - So they can kick me in the face, gang up on me, and flame me but i can't defend myself? one person even made fun of my site name for having an opinion about THE GAME, i never once before that targeted ANY member of this site, until i was targeted for an opinion about THE GAME.

3. These are the only cheats, deal with it - Are you kidding me? My complaints were NOT about the cheats, it was about how the game was designed, and I gave a possible suggestion ( not a demand) that a NO CLIP cheat may solve the problem.

4. Justifying calling....blah blah........ - Like you said, everyone has their opinions right? I tend to like to have my own opinions, and sometimes even when i have my OWN OPINION, i like to verify that opinion with others, coincidentally, that very opinion i hold so far is similar to many other opinions. Also, why are you even using the word "justifying", you don't need to "justify" an opinion, i simply gave reasons why i disliked it.

5.This is a discussion forum...people reply.. - Exactly, but it also follows some rules right? like being respectful to others right? i did say the word "loser" and "bull crap" right? but if you notice, with your keen almighty observation.... that i said that out of defense after being "personally" targeted for a opinion/discussion that i had towards an "INTANGIBLE" object. Never once in my "INITIAL" post did I insult a MEMBER of this forum, heck, i didn't even mention them, but now when i come back and check the thread I see things like "So much for being awakened... seems like you're sleeping to me" - posted by Geist1087.... i don't see you correcting his actions....so in light of that, yes, i feel targeted.

6. Don't be an ass - Read your own part 1 and part 2........and practice what you preach.

7. Don't triple post... take our redundant stuff - Nothing to argue about here, I can agree with you on this one. However, i must say I don't usually get into arguments with people on this site, so I'm not even used having to reply in the way I did, most of my time posting on this site regards, a trainers suggestion, giving thank you to pwiz and cal, and giving a donation to the site even though I'm life time member.

Reply to your Opinion and Conclusion: I respect your opinion, however, that's very simply, NOT the way i play games. You may get bored, but not me. As for cheats being a privilege, you could easily also say GAMES in general are a privilege, and cheats go as far back as Game Genie for Nintendo...it is only until the recent "achievement age of gaming" that action replay, codecreators, gameshark, etc don't make cheat software anymore, in the age of ps3, and xbox360, and internet based gaming...... What would I do if cheats wasn't around, and would I go to the dev's forums and complain how they made the game ? No I wouldn't complain to them the way the game was made, I simply just wouldn't buy their game...like i said before, it is rare the way the system in fable 3 was made, and most rpgs let u get all the abilities via exp or leveling, which is easy to use a trainer for. That's why i didn't buy it for xbox 360, and I'm sorry if I thought that, through the power Cheathappens, that someone could maybe figure out a way to do it. Unfortunately, those dreams have been shut down, NOT only by the games design, but more so, by un-supportive members of a cheating website....sigh

Skyheart  posted on May 18, 2011 1:31:01 PM - Report post

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Sigh.... good luck to you.
iKytez  posted on May 18, 2011 2:22:02 PM - Report post

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wow,is there a point to any of this?Skyheart,kids will be kids so you know...
Latiosmaster47  posted on May 18, 2011 2:39:01 PM - Report post

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@ awakenedjay

Unless there were some posts that have been deleted, I really can't see where anyone's flaming you on the first page (which is what seemed to invoke your hostile response in the first place).

It's cool if you wanna use cheats when you play single player, sometimes I do the same to make the game more fun, but there's no need to fly off the handle and type out book-like responses if someone disagrees with you about that. If you wanna vent about how you're disappointed about a game, then write a review of the game: Link, or post it on your blog: Link, but don't take it out on your fellow members.

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