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Losing Fat Fast?
DABhand  posted on Apr 14, 2011 12:56:04 PM - Report post

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Chicken and Eggs are also a great source of Protein.

Or Pasta for Carbs and Protein.

Riingo  posted on Apr 14, 2011 4:52:03 PM - Report post

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Tnx for all the advice guys ^_^ appreciate it. Uhm. as to what I eat. Well breakfast is usually cereal or a diet bar (slimfast etc.) lunch varies. It can go from pizza and chips to salad and turkey sandwhich (school food). For dinner its usually hotdogs, spaghetti, meatloaf, chilli, etc. Sometimes fast food. As for excercise. I play soccer nearly year round. Also I started playing drums w/ my bud @ his house (since he has a very nice kit)
DABhand  posted on Apr 15, 2011 3:14:07 AM - Report post

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Yeah your current diet sucks badly. Schools have no clue at the moment, especially in the US there is no proper training in that area and governments set up institutions to set what food is sent to schools, and they send out crap.

Jamie Oliver, a young chef, went to the US and did a show (I do believe the 2nd season just started) about helping a school eat better. They had pizza for breakfast, high content sugared milk and other rubbish.

Not only that the children had no clue about what vegetables where when asked what a potato was for example.

Anyways my point is, get food made for you for lunch and take it with you and a small bottle of water or fresh orange juice/apple juice (has to be fresh apple, the others have huge sugar content). That way you control your calories at school.

Phelpsy  posted on Apr 15, 2011 4:53:15 AM - Report post

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Playing rugby, we get classes on these topics every so often, also with sports classes and all of that stuff, the best advice I can give you is pretty much what these people said, control your intake of fatty foods and calories. Remember it's not always the obvious foods that are high is calories, for example carbs can give you a lot of energy slowly released but if you don't exercise enough to burn that energy away it's stored as fat.

Also the time of day you eat is very important if your serious about loosing weight. You can have the best diet in the world but if you eat at the wrong times you can put on weight. This usually consists of eating main meals or lots of food before bed (your eating but not burning it off while your sleeping) by best advice is to keep to a 3 meal a day policy with meals at breakfast around 7-8am (depending on when you wake up) lunch between 12-2pm and then dinner at 5-7pm, snacking inbetween is fine as long as your sensible with it.

Finally exercise, if you don't know your intensity levels you can roughly guess depending on how your feeling when exercising, there's formulas to work it out but it's not really need it, just search for "VO2 max" if you want to be sure. It's all about your heart rate, and you being a football player all year round I'd say you should have a pretty high standard. The key to exercise is knowing the levels you can work at. anything above 60% of your maximum heart rate is your "fat burn zone" you don't have to go anywhere higher than the 60-70% zone to burn your fat. Knowing this you can work for longer periods of time while burning fat.

Hope this helps you out and goodluck.

DABhand  posted on May 02, 2011 4:09:51 AM - Report post

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Hmmm, this is weird, it is like old threads popping up again :P

Like someone posts and then deletes the post so it stays up.

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