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rift review :D
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    shadowsfall111 posted on Mar 27, 2011 11:25:25 AM - Report post
    rift is a mix between all MMO's.. seriously everquest,warhammer,AoC,Wow... its got the whole bundle. Leveling is the same as many MMO's.. quest..grinding but then you got rifts.. they open up in quest areas majority of the time so you always have someone to close them with.. rifts are portals for other world NPC's allowing them to help prevent you from closing the rift.. after 4-5 stages of the rift you are awarded good rewards. this is why leveling never gets boring, you always see something diffrent.

    I havent pvped much in rift but as i can tell from what i have done the battle grounds are similar to wow's.. capture the flag like Warsong gulch..controll main areas until you reach a max limit like Arathi basin.

    the gear is pretty sweet even at lower levels your character will look like a real warrior.

    The 3 diffrent souls (talents) you get to pick in the beggining of the game as a reward for some story line quest are very cool because you can customize your character into w.e you like.. as of right now i play a warlock/necro/elementalist. Also play a rogue with self healing abilities so my downtime after killing a mob is 0 because i always end the battle with or more then 85% hp.

    the professions do not require a level like wow does.. you can be level 8 and have full level professions.. that is if you are loaded with platinum.. (it goes silver,gold,platinum, 100g = 1 plat and 100 silver = 1 gold.) it isnt too hard to get platinum.

    The 60% run speed mount you can buy for 2 plat and 50g which is good and you can be any level.. for the 90% mount im not sure how much it is i wanna say 35 plat.. that requires level 40 i beleive.
    Negative: not much to talk about besides the lack of quest. you are supposed to do instances between questing and also do rifts between questing and instances.. this is kinda a fault for me because im more of a quest person i like to get on with stuff as soon as possible. so far ive had to stop questing because i would get to a quest where i would have to kill mobs 3-4 levels higher then me.. in rift this is very challenging because the mobs arent the easiest thing ever unlike wow.. ive noticed if your 2 levels lower then a mob you will be fine.. 3 levels lower then you will miss alot of your attacks and they will resists alot.
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    shadowsfall111 posted on Mar 27, 2011 12:23:40 PM - Report post
    Trion released a new security feature which locks your account if it is logged in from a very diffrent IP adress. This really help prevent hacking. It locks all your gold,mailbox,items and they cannot delete your characters. Trion is very quick on realeasing updates for the game. They are a very good company and really listens to the gamers.

    overall score for me for this game is 9 outta 10.. graphics are very good and you can also disable high end graphics if your computer can handle all the shadowing and rendering. rift hasn't ever had a unexpected server crash and the only down time i have seen so far is just the weekly update.

    Seriously if you are on the border weather to by this game or not. seriously i gave up WoW after 5 years within the first week of playing rift. within hours the release it seemed as though this game was out for many years. Trion released this game with little to no flaws and that is why its better then wow to me.. WoW has released exspansions with many bugs and they take a week to release a quit fix it patch.

    Trust me if you are wanting this game but arent sure if its worth it.. lemme tell you this.. it is very worth it and im so happy with the quick response time trion gives the community.

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    Zackman posted on Sep 05, 2011 6:05:54 PM - Report post
    Great Review. Rift is 1 of the best MMOs out. My warrior is currently level 30 I just started playing -Zackman
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