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Shogun 2 Trainer Update and a WARNING
nephilim  posted on Apr 06, 2011 11:23:47 PM - Report post

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Simplest solution: Trainers are a right you get with unlimited membership, posting is not. If someone complains say, three times without actual cause just revoke their account's rights to post comments. Whiny idjits get their trainers when they're released, blessed silence and uncluttered boards for the rest of us.

Another solution might be to allow people to vote for which trainer should be worked on next. A thorny issue since it would require someone (likely several someones) to track patches and releases religiously.

Finally, you could allow people to give micropayments as incentive to work on trainers for new patches or releases. Kind of messes up the unlimited system, but maybe hybridize that with unlimited members being able to vote and others being able to make a payment and getting a copy of that one trainer would work.

But the bottom line is, there are more trainers here than anywhere else and they're more likely to work on any given game than anyone else's. That's what I paid for, and feel my money VERY well spent. I do not feel "entitled" to more than what has been provided and I expect that the vast majority of subscribers feel the same. If this service disappeared tomorrow I would feel somewhat deprived, but given the value provided thus far I wouldn't ask for a refund.

So guys, keep up the good work and bring the hammer down on the people who try to make you think otherwise. You've no call to justify yourselves to a bunch of whiny children who can't play with a new toy the second they want it. It's obvious you guys care a great deal about your business and it's no one's place (not even the people supporting you) to tell you how to run it.

Monolyth  posted on Apr 07, 2011 8:31:01 PM - Report post

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I just want to say don't let the cry babies get you guys down. There will always be the folks who aren't happy with what they've got, just keep up the good work and ignore the "corner cases".

Tamashi  posted on Apr 08, 2011 5:36:43 AM - Report post

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I rarely post in the boards but this sure is ridiculous.
Playing a game and doing it the way you like is a hobby and not an obsession but for some people it sure looks the other way around.
I rarely get the time to play as a full time job, girlfriend and the rest of my real life keep me entertained. And the reason I'm writing this is to point out that some people ought to grow up and keep their lives to reality. Everyone likes to play but other things are more important.
This sure doesn't mean you failed your lives but as for everything you might want to have a look at another perspective before becoming aggressive

Thanks for the extraordinary service you do and keep it up CH-Team !

yakuwo  posted on Apr 08, 2011 11:34:19 PM - Report post

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Forget the kids that whine and moan. If you cant wait a day or two for an update or new game trainer, you are addicted and you need help.
dust942  posted on Apr 09, 2011 7:19:29 AM - Report post

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Just another Keep up the Good Work post...

I have waited for about 10 years for a sequel to come out! Dont you care and dont you worry about "I WAnT IT NOW!!!! babies"! We love you and we support you and hell yeah (!) Lifetime Membership is CHEAP!!! !!

Proud member since (check my Avatar!)
Just another Keep up the Good Work post...

chalky33  posted on Apr 09, 2011 6:50:32 PM - Report post

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Thanks for all your efforts. your work is appreciated.

Don't listen to the the Negative feedback, people sometimes when they have the cover of the computer screen say and do things they wouldn't if they saw you face to face.

You have added value and replayability to my games. You guys have been and are AWESOME. Keep up the good work.

lvpunx44  posted on Apr 09, 2011 10:45:15 PM - Report post

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Thank you for all your guys hard work. I must say that the trainers you guys make have more options than anyone else, are extremely stable, and the most professional looking trainers out there. My hats are off to you guys. Thanks.
Brute4s  posted on Apr 10, 2011 6:40:00 AM - Report post

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I couldn't agree more with the level of praise this post awards you guys. Your efforts are seriously appreciated. I hope you dont let the whining few spoil it for the multitude of people who do appeciate your work.

Thanks guys!!

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