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Aeterna85  posted on Mar 14, 2011 9:40:21 PM - Report post

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originally posted by owlet

originally posted by Aeterna85

The first enchanter is NOT behind Hawke's mothers killer. It was a human, the First Enchanter is Elven. And I sided with mages both playhthroughs, I consider the Templars to be evil in this.

I know. But if you sided with the templars and fought the first enchanter, it revealed that the first enchanter actually knew the killer and helped him from being discovered. That's also the reason for Bethany to rejoin the Hawke's side in the fight against the enchanter and the knight-commander.

I think that the mages are actually more devious. Take Anders for example, he used Hawke to assassinate the Grand Cleric. The First Enchanter supported Hawke's mother's killer. Most of them dwelt in blood magic, even Merill whom I loved.
The templars were only controlled by the crazed knight-commander. Not that they actually wanted to suppress the mages so much.

[Edited by owlet, 3/14/2011 8:28:19 PM]

[Edited by owlet, 3/14/2011 8:34:45 PM]

Blood magic isn't inherently evil, like how Merril uses it. Sure, it original came from demons, but you don't /need/ to learn it from a demon to learn it. Like with all other types of magic, it's how you use it that defines it, magic isn't inherently evil, it just is, like nature.

He probably just wanted to help another mage escape Templar persecution, and I can't blame them at all, as Mages have been taken from their families to live in practical slavery for ..what is it, over a thousand years they said? And, the mages turn to demons sometimes, yes, but if you notice it's only because they feel it's either that or they die or become a mindless slave. Back any human into a corner like that and they'd become the devil if they had to, to come out alive and with their mind intact. That's why I think, if Mages were given their freedom to govern themselves, with Templars helping to police the really bad cases, they'd turn to demons less and less. Nevermind the Tevinter Imperium, it failed there because the mages there were always corrupt. Personally, I'd support mages being freed from slavery over them becoming mindless and powerless puppets. I think that tranquility is worse than what the Qunari do to their mages../and/, if they continue treating mages this way, they will lose one of their strongest forces in the wars against the Qunari and the Darkspawn.

animezero  posted on Mar 14, 2011 9:55:07 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Aeterna85

Well, I beat the game and am about halfway through the second play through and I had some questions for others who beat the game and maybe did it in a different way. My first play through I seriously tried to date Isabela and Merril, having sex with them in that order, but I ended up with Merril. Though, Isabela leaving town that first play through was probably a big thing against our relationship.

This second play through, I got Isabela to stay, but I still seem to be with Merril again, when I wanted to end up with Isabela this time, I was hoping that her staying would mean that she and I would be together. Is it possible to have Isabela in a very close relationship if you don't try to date others? Will she move in with you like Merril does?

Also, I wanted to ask about Hawke's mother. Is it possible at all to save her? The first play through I killed that blood mage, Du Puis, but on the second I let him live to help me with mother. It even said to look for him /or/ help Gamlen look for mom but try as I might, I could NEVER find Du Puis. Bugged mission? And I really wanted to save her too.

No matter what you do, Isabela won't move in with you if that's what you want to know. As for Hawke's mother, it's part of the story, no matter what you chose, the end result is the same. How you get to that result differs though. If you side with the Templers, the final fight is alot easier, and you find out you could have saved Hawke's mom too if not for the mages, and you also become the ruler of Kirkwall too, which you need to do if you're going for achievements.

My game was a mess, it was funny though. I manged to sleep with everyone I could and they would nag at me about being unfaithful..>_>...

Aeterna85  posted on Mar 14, 2011 10:07:20 PM - Report post

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I read she does fall in love with you though, if you do the romance right.

EDIT: I'm glad I read up on the Sebastian romance, I was going to look into that until I read that he's a /poor/ romance choice, and that he never kisses or has sex with Hawke and at the conclusion..he wants a CHASTE marriage.

[Edited by Aeterna85, 3/15/2011 8:54:54 AM]

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