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    Riingo posted on Mar 11, 2011 3:31:35 AM - Report post
    I was going to post all the information for all my characters but decided it would be a heck of a lot of work.

    So I will post the attributes and skills of my warrior for you.

    This warrior is wearing mostly stuff from the Black Emporium Package and the special order weapon and shield. He is a tanker.

    So attributes.
    Str - 20
    Dex - 10
    Magic - 10
    Cunning - 12
    Will Power - 14
    Constitution - 21

    This focuses his HP into being high and his strength just enough to use my special order shield and weapon.

    Now I have a few good skills (one being to summon a mabari).

    Most of them are in warmonger. Some are in defender.

    Pommel Strike -> PS Upgrade --> Tremor
    Taunt -> T Upgrade --> Bravery

    Bravery adds 10% attack per nearby enemy making up for some loss of strength because of high constitution.

    Turn the Blade

    Turn the blade adds 10% defense

    These two sustained abilities will half your stamina. So if you like to fight with skills more than allies use a different setup.

    Also my mage buffs me with

    Creation -> Heroic Aura --> Heroic Aura Upgrade
    Arcane -> Elemental Weapons

    this mage has high willpower so this is essentially not a problem maintaining these buffs.
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