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Worth Buying?
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    RedWraith posted on Mar 16, 2011 5:15:01 AM - Report post
    Yeah I wouldn't buy it. I bought it and was through before the CH Trainer came out. Played through it in just one session.

    Don't buy.
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    Bomgto posted on Mar 16, 2011 6:55:52 AM - Report post
    im sure thailand will invade USA next lol or could even be Malta lol
    I tell you later
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    gambara29 posted on Mar 19, 2011 10:51:16 AM - Report post
    metro 2033 is good played it all the way threw. iv heard horrible reviews on homefront dunno if i wanna get it... i heard the MP is horrible and a noob fest being able to sniper across the map with a submachine gun. unbalanced everything. the story i hear is good but the single player gameplay can take some work. iv been told bad company 2 is just hell of alot better. but i could be wrong.
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    key1001 posted on Mar 23, 2011 2:53:02 AM - Report post
    If you don't give a damn about the single player, and mostly going for the multiplayer, get it. Multiplayer is really good in my opinion, better than COD for sure. But single player is disappointingly short and has no point to it at all.

    The game just have bad views from those up there, mostly because of the singleplayer. Multiplayer is pretty good, although I admit it's pretty damn hard.

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    jbrand1983uk posted on Mar 23, 2011 4:44:16 AM - Report post
    im sorry but i dont agree with all u haters out there saying the single player is rubbish its actually quite good for a first game in the series and as i have been playing games since the commodore amiga 500 and amiga cd32 console was new i unlike alot of people on here actually know what im talking about those with xbox 360's playing call of duty classic ( the 1st call of duty as us pc gamers know it) would say similar things about that game and yet having played all of the call of duty games it is still by far the best in the series as world at war was always laggy even if you ran it on a high end alienware pc as i did modern warfare 1 was ok MW2 was utterly dissapointing and black ops was quite frankly boring because im sorry but no matter how many commie ruskies u kill its nowhere near as fun as bashing nazi's full stop the end and as this is the first in the homefront series u cannot realistly compare it to black ops which is about the 7th call of duty title if you include the united offensive addon for call of duty 1 so get your facts right peeps before u start criticising by making bad comparrisons who do you think you people are (the fifth gear presenters comparing a 125cc turbo charged scooter to a hot hatch anyone ?)
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    HonestGamer posted on Mar 23, 2011 7:10:53 AM - Report post
    I played this game and boy its horrible.

    The graphics are bad! Hell I can't play in VGA resolution!

    Campaign is short (3.5 hours for me). And it was not power packed at all. Gave me a generic shooter feel.

    So a waste of time for me.
    Life is best for those who enjoy it, difficult for those who analyze it and worst for those who criticize it.
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    DeathStalker posted on Mar 23, 2011 7:25:51 AM - Report post
    Since I'm going to be completely honest. The campaign was okay, but it was way too short, and it was fairly dull. If they expect you to pay $60 for a game with a campaign like this, they're absolutely crazy.

    The multiplayers of Homefront is absolutely, what can I say, as a hellist nightmare. they pretty much lied to us in the trailers for the game. In the trailer I saw helicopters "whizzing" around, tanks shooting at each other, and infantry battles on the ground, but in the actual game the whole opposite team is composed of players using some kind of stupid sniper rifle. Your team almost never goes to capture any type of objective, all they do is "camp" and snipe. You can't run out into the open without getting killed by some "camper" across the map.

    The game is also "broken" (both in singleplayer and multiplayer), the hit detection is horrible, you can get "stuck" in stupid places in the campaign, and some of the guns are fairly "overpowered".

    They also marketed this game like crazy, it should be illegal to market a "broken" game and release it for a full price ($60). in the end everything that they promised us was a lie. Don't make the same mistake as I did to buy this piece of c**p.

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    jbrand1983uk posted on Mar 28, 2011 6:12:10 PM - Report post
    i do see your point warlock as i said the campaign isnt the best in the world but overall not bad considering its the first in a series and no doubt it like call of duty games will get better over time as for the multiplayer i understand your frustration with campers but this isnt unique to this game its all to common on most first person shooters with a online multiplayer element including battlefield bad company 2 which i own on the xbox the only way to deal with campers is to run private servers like i used to on unreal tournament 2004 which had been coded so that any player who stood crouched or layed prone in one posistion for anymore than 1 minute was instanly turned into a clown had all their weapons taken off them and their posistion highlighted to all other players although i only stopped running that server 2 months ago after being on evryday for 4yrs it had an effect within 4hrs as the players no longer found themselvers victims of campers and yeah i had threating emails from said campers complaining i ruined their fun and embarresed them but i didnt care and just laughed it off maybe this is the way the developers should setup their servers as its relativly easy and would make everyone except the campers happy
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