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Get 999 Lives
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    jdavid1953 posted on Feb 13, 2011 3:57:03 PM - Report post
    Regarding the Cheats & Hints.

    Here is a way to get enough extra men to help get through hard parts.

    (PC Version) Bionic Commando Rearmed (the first one 1.1 patched ) as this game is quite challenging in certain areas and its quite frustrating to keep starting over with only 3 lives to get past a hard area.


    1. Cheat Engine 6 (latest version) here:

    2. The Game

    3. (Optional) Cheat Happens Trainer if you get it for a cheap price around 5 bucks or less these days. It does help to kill big bosses and gives you the more powerful health meter.

    4. Latest game controller (See below)

    Build up about 10 extra men and save the game. Exit and then Open the game and select help & options/settings/fullscreen/choose no for window mode. Change screen resolution to 800x600 just for this purpose. I also use the Playstation 2 controller through the USB using the Gamemon universal USB converter which you can check out here:

    In my case the dreaded D pad on a gamepad its harder to get your angles when grappling than using the sticks on the better controllers. And best of all, its not going to drain your greenstamps.

    Press Ctrl+Esc to get out of the window and click on the desktop to close the Start Menu. You can still play the game with the controller in most cases without going back into the game. If you relocate the window you can do so but you will have to repeat this each time you need to exit the game window.

    If you have installed Cheat Engine open it and then click on the ugly 1990 computer icon with the magnifying glass to the left and pick the bcr.exe process buy selecting open. In the value box select the number of extra men you have buy looking at your status screen (using the controller). Land in the first area the Oil Refinery and then in cheat engine in value type select float. Run the first scan and a bunch of addresses will come up on the left, scan type will be exact and then float will be ghosted out. Using the controller run left and fall of the ledge into the water and die. Change your value to one less and be careful to select NEXT scan not new. If you have done it correctly One address should appear. Double click that address and then right click it, open /select change record then value and change it to 999. Return to your status window and there you go 999 lives to get through this bugger in the hard areas. I would then go back to the Main Menu and save and then quit. I don’t believe you will run out of men for a while.

    In addition I bought the trainer from Cheat Happens and it was real cheap and if you use it in addition to the 999 lives, you will have a better chance in the game. How anyone could submit a cheat to make this game harder is beyond my logic as I have became really frustrated until I discovered this option. This game presents a challenge no doubt but I still like a slight edge because of its difficulty.
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    sabbey posted on Jun 14, 2011 9:32:56 PM - Report post
    Thanks for the info, between your post and a few others online I finally figured out how to set it up and am now getting somewhere with this game, between it and the trainer.
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