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More DLC coming to this game - thoughts?
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    Skyheart posted on Mar 29, 2011 7:58:37 PM - Report post
    Good point. I forgot to consider my spectre status. I think they did too. I think they forgot the status of Cerberus too. You're in their uniform, in their ship (kinda), not technically acting under the Alliance. Cerberus is known for its terrorist activities against aliens... see where I'm going here?

    Ah well, hope they pull it together for ME3.


    Playing a purely paragon Shepard who destroys a whole solar system kinda left me feeling cheated. I understand that the court martial/trial is gonna play a part in ME3, but I felt railroaded into an outcome my character may or may not have chosen volunterily. It would have been nice to have the illusion of choice, i.e. say no, this is wrong, but somehow the asteroid is launched at the Relay and you can't stop it. Or have had a second chance at warning the Batarians.

    Speaking of which it's been nearly 4 months since the Spike VGA Awards... isn't it about time for another trailer?

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    "Remember the good old days when you could just slap Omni-Gel on everything?" - Shepard, ME2

    "Not right now. Trying to determine how Scale Itch got aboard. Sexually transmitted disease carried only by Varren..... Implications unpleasant." - Mordin, ME2
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    pjlambo posted on Mar 29, 2011 8:06:29 PM - Report post
    Ok finished the DLC, mildly disappointed in that it didn't have a better ending and that it was over too quickly. Now working on the the badges/trophys. I rescued the woman without alerting any guards but still didn't get the covert operations trophy. Anyone know what I need to do to get it?
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