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Most trainers stopped working.
Neo7  posted on Feb 09, 2011 4:13:42 PM - Report post

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Use this article to troubleshoot conflicting programs on Windows. It shows how to perform a clean boot (boot with no 3rd part programs enabled at all). If the trainer still is not working with a full clean boot then you have a serious problem with your Windows installation.


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Fredster30  posted on Feb 10, 2011 7:58:40 AM - Report post

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I tried this as well and I have just finished double-checking that all the built-in windows security measures are turned off but its still the same problem.

If we exclude for a moment Comodo firewall/AV, and windows security, what if there is perhaps something wrong with Windows ability to open programs that use a certain type of template. I'm not a programmer, but what if, for instance, Visual Basic or whatever program/windows component is used for these trainers malfunctions? Could a windows update somehow scrambled VB or some other component that makes the trainer function?

The trainer manager. Does it use Internet Explorer as a component? IE is updated all the time, could an update have scrambled trainer-dependant components on my comp?

Neo7  posted on Feb 10, 2011 8:07:18 AM - Report post

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None of those factors are contributable. I use Internet Explorer 9 which is beta software and trainers work fine for me. Windows update will never destroy your computer unless you shut off your computer in the middle of updates (even then you can simply use System Restore and try again). Even if there is a component that is seriously wrong, you will either have to reinstall Windows to correct it or contact Microsoft Support to figure out what it is and how to fix it.

You said you have Comodo Firewall? The Defense+ component of that is one of the most restrictive things I've ever seen in a software. It's fine and all if you're a super control freak and have the time to define every detail of your policy, but it causes a lot of problems with trainers and even more problems for games themselves when you don't have that time (it's notorious for being almost incompatible with every Nexon game made). All you need is Windows Firewall unless you know for a fact you are on a hostile network (which most cases you are not).

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PWizard  posted on Feb 10, 2011 8:12:36 AM - Report post

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We've had other users report that Comodo firewall blocks some of our trainers, even when disabled.
BruceBanner2010  posted on Feb 10, 2011 9:19:50 AM - Report post

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Comodo Firewall blocks everything and the kitchen sink Yeah , it's fantastic at stopping rogue software and stuff getting through , but it's so aggressive that it stops a lot of genuine stuff going through too even if you tell it to allow stuff . I had it a few years ago and it wouldn't let me use Windows Update and stuff like that even though I'd told the program to let it through . It's just too watertight a program for it's own good . Unless you regularly visit sites that are notorious for viruses and worms etc and just tend to stick to legit sites then you're better off with a far less aggressive firewall like ZoneAlarm or even just the Windows Firewall like someone mentioned
Fredster30  posted on Feb 10, 2011 9:36:44 AM - Report post

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Ok, at least I can eliminate that as a source for the problems.

I guess I am a control freak when it comes to giving access through the firewall and stuff . I've used Comodo for several years and its many options are exactly what I want in a firewall/sec software.
But! I've also used Cheathappens for 2 years WITH Comodo running and havent had a problem until this all happened a few days ago.

If we assume it is Comodo, and if we assume that the sec-options are somehow still active in one form or another eventhough it is uninstalled, then all I can think of is that comodo downloaded and installed an update (I have it set on automatic updating) that caused all this. Thats the only thing thats "new" on my system.

I must do a checkup with Comodos support site.

Fredster30  posted on Feb 11, 2011 5:01:53 AM - Report post

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I posted at their support forum and this is their response:

"Does anything show up in your Defense+ logs?

The only updates that happen automatically are virus database updates. Program updates need to be given the OK by the user. There also haven't been any recent program updates.

There are a couple of things you could try though, but I don't feel CIS is to blame, because if it was going to block something, it would be blocked from starting. You wouldn't see it start then disappear.

Have you tried adding the trainers to Defense+ Settings -> Execution Control Settings -> Exclusions? You could also select the application in your Trusted Files list and try giving them the Installer or Updater profile. "

Fredster30  posted on Feb 11, 2011 5:16:20 AM - Report post

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I think I have it!

I increased my defense to max, enabling me to approve/dissaprove every action taken by any program. I found something that stuck out: Every trainer that wants to use ("inject" dinput.dll will NOT run eventhough I approve it. Every trainer that DOESNT use it, or at least doesnt ask for it, will run.

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