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    kamios posted on Jan 25, 2011 4:51:04 AM - Report post
    i find a way to get all the upgrade for your trucks with all the stuff but it is different for all the truck because a upgrade on a titan inyo (kenworth T800)will not work necessary for a titan ventura (kenworth T900)

    Realy easy go in yours save game in libary/document/MyGames/RigNRoll_usa_ws/(your profile)kamios/SinglePlayer/SavedGames

    there you see your save game open it with a hex editor program

    Now you have to find the licence plate number of your truck you have in the game very easy to find, go in nick trucking office , fleet manager click left on the truck name look below left teh screen you see your truck name and the licence plate number like DRVR435 if you change your licence like me will be like KAMY435

    back to the hex editor with your save game open it make the search for your licence plate KAMY435 (find)it should send you to your licence number scroll down the file you see all the upgrade for your truck. I only can tell you for the titan inyo complet set up but not the others very long to find all the set up for 1 truck only 12 set up are for all truck
    1-Wind deflector
    4-dual Tank
    6-brake engine
    8-rear view mirrors
    9-Rain sensor
    10-headlight sensor
    11-cruise control
    12-nav system

    One very important thing DO NOT CHANGE the setup for
    ENGINES and HOOD_ORNAMENTS it crash the game

    Now you will change the number like


    Set up for Titan Inyo

    -Bumper Trim :-Modern Chrome color(Front) set1
    -Modern Chrome color(sides) set2
    -Chrome classic set3
    -Teuton Chrome set4
    -Modern Carbon color(Front) set5
    -Modern Carbon chrome(front) set6

    -Cabine Trim :-aero set1
    -Classic set2
    -Western set3

    -sidemaker lights :-Modern set1
    -Country set2
    -Classic set3

    -sun visor :-classic chrome set1
    -country chrome set2
    -classic chrome+glass set3
    -teuton chrome set4
    -classic carbon set5
    -classic chrome set6

    -wind deflector :-plastic set1
    -chrome set2
    -carbon set3

    -bug shield :-twins chrome set1
    -country chrome set2
    -classic chrome+glass set3
    -classic chrome set4
    -classic carbon set5
    -western chrome set6
    -western black set7
    -western gold set8

    -grill icon :-california set2

    -air horn :- round chrome set1
    -round gold set2
    -round black set3
    -rectangle chrome set4
    -rectangle gold set5
    -rectangle black set6

    -chassic :-basic set1
    -red set2
    -yellow set3
    -blue set4
    -black set5
    -titan set6
    -chrome set7
    -gold set8

    -buster 3m solo : off= set0 on= set1

    -Dual tank : off= set0 on= set1

    -suspension :-spring set1
    -air suspension low set2
    -air suspension medium set3
    -air suspension heavy set4
    -air suspension extra set5
    -electromagnetic set6

    -engine brake : off= set0 on= set1

    -air flow system :-aero color set1
    -classic set2
    -aero carbon set3
    -western chrome set4
    -western gold set5
    -western black set6

    -wheels :-standard set1
    -simple old set2
    -classic set3
    -american set4
    -gold set5
    -black set6
    -liberty set7
    -aero set8
    -mag set9
    -modern set10

    -additional mirrors :-classic set1
    -country set2

    -rear view camera : off= set0 on= set1

    -rain sensor : off= set0 on= set1

    -headlights sensor : off= set0 on= set1

    -cruise control : off= set0 on= set1

    -navigation system : off= set0 on= set1

    after taking your pick just go file and save go im your game and load the save game you just change and VOILA your truck should be rdy to roll with all your new stuff if your game do not load and crash the game it is because you did not enter a good number in your setup

    so i hope this will help the player that have hard time to find some upgrade for there trucks

    im still working on some skin for the truck to change it but are russian friend are very a head of us right now ,very hard to read i have come with some skins of truck but have are time chnage it back have to talk russian for help i come back with skin later GOOD GAME ALL

    BTW im not english so plz dont be rude with my writing thank you

    [Edited by kamios, 1/25/2011 8:40:57 AM]
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