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my thoughts with D3 and battle.net
Joehnk  posted on Aug 27, 2011 8:36:17 PM - Report post

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I'm interested to know where you got banned from. If it was from the Blizzard forums, your post would have had to be in extreme violation of their terms of use and forum code of conduct, in which case I give you no pity.
Rabidd  posted on Sep 04, 2011 9:58:16 AM - Report post

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i was talking about the online only thing on there new fourms i kept my language good no f bombs nothing realy bad just saying how i felt about it and how i would not buy game because of it the only other thing i said is that i felt that bliz was doing the online only thing along with auction house was for the cash
my post was deleted and i was banned for 24hrs in my post i never once flame or troll about anything again just saying how i felt about the whole situations
Netsonar  posted on Sep 23, 2011 4:05:05 PM - Report post

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They need to rename Diablo 3 to draconian 3 I will never play a battle.net online only game after I was 24 hour banned from wow based on an accusation of farming when all I was doing was grinding for xp with that add on that guides you on missions. When I asked why the ban they just said you are not allowed to power level your players and I was like uhhhhh I only have two players wtf? Further I only played to see content never did a single raid so maybe that had something to do with do not know but it was seriously messed up. I have not logged back in since. As far as real money for the Auction House that is blizzard wanting to cash in on the grey market community which is something hey outlawed for years because they could not gain cash from the practice now what they are going to offer on their own as they have devised a way to cash in so all of a sudden it is "ok" to sell stuff to other players I mean c'mon what will happen when you buy a hacked item now will blizzard just create two copies I know thier sequencing system is not going to infer and correlate item Id's with source data (I have insight into this from reliable source) finally i think it is time for An0n or Inc to own the servers and teach them a lesson in humility . I mean online single player?!? WTF I have seen their security posture within the dc trust me they are a very easy target!
Diablo1exp  posted on Sep 26, 2011 6:55:11 AM - Report post

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Wel ... online/offline, unhappy or happy, unfortunately I have to buy it and see what happens!! What can I say, I am addicted to D!!
kaizer88  posted on Sep 26, 2011 7:36:31 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Rabidd

i just got banned for stating my opinion on the online only thing with d3 sad owell i will never buy another bliz or activsion game again

Good... tell that to all of your friends too to fight against this arrogant utterly greedy corp. who have hobbies like forcing gamers to play SINGLE PLAYER with internet connection & keeping all of the save files in server plus releasing an unfinished games that need bloody many patches, etc

Many gamers choose to be "HAPPY TODAY to CRY ALOUD TOMORROW" nowadays by keeping supporting this greedy & tyrannical marketing trick like this

When they create dirty marketing trick like this, its won't be long when u even need to pay just for uninstall the game or keeping the game stored in your HD each day ... who will able to stop that when u can't afford to lost your invested money for playing that games or your so called "online buddies" eh ?

Of course, it won't be happening in just next 1 - 3 years but what about in the next 25 years in the future ? who knows ? none in 1980 would know that in 2011, u will need good internet connection even just to play a single player games, so now I can say the same thing again like in the past

This monopolist think that not playing D3 will surely send u to hell or make u looks so nerdy or make u lost all of your friends (that's why they are so daring to order u this & that like u borrow, not buying, your games from them so they won't even allow u to finish your SP campaign by cheating)... F- that, not playing any D3 games won't give u a death penalty (at least in my nation) or make your parents cry or make your brain get smaller or make your babe left u

When a game company can dictate & order what u can do & what u can't do IN SINGLE PLAYER mode... surely it will set a SURELY 101% BAD PRECEDENT in the future, especially since this gaming industry get big & bigger too, of course it will cause their ego get big & bigger too

Anyone can spend $5000 each year just for playing any games, but I believe none wants to be ordered this & that just for playing a single player games & not playing it like how do u want
Its not about what u can afford & not, but its about our freedom & rights...

KitKamran  posted on Feb 09, 2012 9:24:56 AM - Report post

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The biggest reason for keeping singleplayer online only is to keep people from cheating so that you don't have to have seperate characters for multiplayer and singleplayer like in D2. If you can cheat in singleplayer then immediately jump into multiplayer you're going to have a huge advantage for whatever that's worth.

The bigger problem though is the hacking/save game editing combined with a real money AH. You can't have people save game editing the most valuable items to put on the real money AH since you'd basically just be giving them a license to print money (not that anything is stopping blizzard from doing that). Which would make it completely pointless.
Basically the design decision that not having seperate characters for MP/SP and the real money AH make the server side saves a necessity.

mhsiao  posted on Feb 19, 2012 4:16:36 AM - Report post

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I am in Diablo 3 beta and played act 1 in private game (sp mode) twice to level monk to 12. IMO D3 is really boring hack and slash game, and I don't think trainer is needed. (Not like you can use trainer anyway.)

Skills are set, you unlock it by reach the required level.

Money is only useful to buy blacksmith skill (or sell to other ppl). I think I looted like 100k and trained blacksmith to lv 3 but crafted gear has level requirement.

I have looted 40+ health potion but I never use it on my monk since there is another healing potion (devil may cry style)

Dupe item is probably the only useful thing since you need to destroy it for blacksmith material. (Than agian ppl probably will try to sell it for real life money.)

DonOfEvil  posted on Mar 15, 2012 9:47:11 AM - Report post

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I'm a big fan of diablo series & to be honest d3 sounds like ****! I prolli won't buy it until like 6 months AFTER it's release to hear GAMERS point, Diablo staff is fckin ignorant if they try to make this game like wow, Whats the point? Money racket? Sure, But it EXCLUDES all the gamers who like diablo series!! I think diablo staff should have made d3 jus like d2 but new levels, new story, new chars, new creatures, new armor, new everything & BETTER graphics! THt would have made BLIZZARD a better rank instead of TRICKING the system! I'm not mad at you for therefore you just do wut they tell you to do, If i were to meet the MAIN person behind making these DUMB changes, I'd prolli tell him to his face, YOU ARE AN IDIOT FOR MAKING D3 LIKE WOW, Then i'd spit in his face with a smile!!!
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