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    sarvpriya posted on Jan 20, 2011 9:24:19 AM - Report post
    quest seahorse salad


    The quest to assist the polymorphed men is given by Mr. Canvas in the Prancing Seahorse. It can also be triggered by encountering a talking vegetable or fruit. The quest involves locating veggies and extracting the password to their rooms. Inside each room is a lever that drops a barrier you will need to access the Forbidden Archives.

    This quest, although not marked as such, is part of the primary quest To find a Wizard. Gaining access to the archives is the first step to you need to complete to unlock the remaining parts of the main quest.

    The first step is to find the three veggies. This walkthrough skips the step to talk with Mr. Canvas first, since it does no more than inform about the predicament of the three men.

    1.Carrot can be found conspicuously laying on an end table in a corner of The Circle of Trust Inn.

    2.Tomato found a Cozy Dwelling upstairs in Hansel's room.

    3.Pumpkin can be found on a table in Alzbeta's Emporium.

    The next step is to pull the three levers. You can find all three levers at The Prancing Seahorse.

    1.The lever in Ashraf's room is on the left side next to his bed.

    2.The lever in Thomas's room is straight ahead as you walk in.

    3.The lever in Gardner's room is on the left side behind the wooden partition.

    After the levers have been pulled the barrier to the Forbidden Archives will drop.

    When you enter the archive room a short cutscene will play and you will encounter Ursula. This is a good time to save your game so you can weigh your options between fighting Ursula or letting her go. Each has a different reward. The breakdown can be found in the Rewards section.

    If you intend to fight Ursula, a guide is available: Boss: Ursula

    Reverting the men back to their former selves occurs automatically if you release Ursula. If you fight her you will need to use Vegetable Spell to free them. The spell can be read at anytime, so if you have not yet asked for each man's door password, you should do so before reading the spell.

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