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Lua Cheat Script Discussion
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    keyskid posted on Dec 13, 2010 11:12:06 AM - Report post
    I'm writing a lua script that can be loaded in game that will provide a set of functions for the purpose of cheating.

    Basically this post is a teaser to gauge interest; To see if people still play this game, if this is something people are interested in, etc. Also to see how many unlimited members vs regular members are interested, to help me decide if I should release it publicly or as Unlimited Only.

    Feature requests are welcome.

    Some of the benefits of using it instead of using built in functions:

      Asteroid based commands will apply to the asteroid selected in game, so you don't need to lookup and type the Asteroid ID.
      Consistent command structure.
      Help commands to list the available cheats.

    Some new functions I've already made (or work in progress):

    Asteroid Commands:
    Cheats.A.Own() -- Take ownership of the selected asteroid.
    Cheats.A.Mega() -- Sets the core health, seedling cap, spawn cap, and tree cap very high (mostly 9999, can be configured differently if you desire). These will also be individual commands, but isn't complete yet.
    Cheats.A.KillEnemy() -- Removes all enemy seedlings from selected asteroid. This is kind of buggy so far, the game is doing something weird. If I can't find a workaround this command may be removed.
    Cheats.A.KillAll() -- Same as above but also removes your own seedlings.
    Cheats.A.Reveal() -- Discovers the selected asteroid.
    Cheats.A.AddFlowers(x) -- Add x flowers.
    Cheats.A.AddMines(x) -- Add x mines.

    Game Commands:
    Cheats.G.RevealAll() -- Discovers all asteroids on the map. (Work In Progress)
    Cheats.G.Win() -- Instantly win the game.
    Cheats.G.Lose() -- Instantly lose the game. (Not sure why you would do this, but I made it just in case.)

    Possible Future Additions:

      Cheats.G.AutoOwn(true/false) -- Automatically conquer newly discovered enemy owned asteroids.
      Cheats.A.AddDyson(x) -- Add x fully grown Dyson trees.
      Cheats.A.FillDyson() -- Fill all remaining tree slots with fully grown Dyson trees.
      Previous two commands for Defense trees.
      Cheats.A.EnhanceAll() -- Enhance all the trees on the selected asteroid to produce super seedlings.
      Cheats.AI.* -- Possible new command set for simple enemy AI modifications, such as whether or not enemies will attack, retreat, scout, etc.
      The ability to increase the size of the ring you can travel within on an asteroid. Initial experimentation leads me to believe this might not be possible, but I'll try a bit more.
      Informative commands that provide you with information about how many enemies on the map, how many asteroids they own, amount of seedlings, etc. (Low priority, doesn't seem extremely useful.)

    Other Stuff:
    When you select an asteroid, it prints the following information about it in the debug console: Asteroid ID, who owns it, how many seedlings on it, how many trees planted on it, etc. This works whether or not you have discovered the asteroid yet.

    As far as I can tell there is no way to bind hotkeys with lua in this game. So I may (or may not) write a program that will let you setup binds that will type the commands for you to make it behave more like a trainer (If not you could use some macro program to create hotkeys).

    In case you didn't really read and just skimmed to the bottom looking for download links, this is a work in progress, and is not yet released.

    [Edited by keyskid, 12/13/2010 11:16:05 AM]

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    Send a message to jman2552
    jman2552 posted on Dec 13, 2010 11:32:33 AM - Report post
    I dont have any new suggestions but would like it if this was released.
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