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Few Questions About The Game !?!?
kuningasjokipuu  posted on Oct 28, 2010 5:20:59 AM - Report post

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Massive slowdown, in pretty much all my games except in one instance, i tend to get massive slowdown after a few years, a 10 sec day with fastforward, it can sumtimes take a minute, hard to move the screen cuz it slows down so much, i mean wassup ? my cpu\ram load barely goes up, for a while i thought it was all the wars happening, easily 10 conflicts simultaneously, but long after those conficts ceased the slowness was still there.

Win7 64bit
6gb ddr3 1600mhz
i7 975
2x gtx 295

2nd question, started a game as Libya, they have a beginning economy, so i built about 200 oil towers with avg yield, then 3 months later got like 150 billion dollars, and started a massive construction project, easily spent a 100 billion, now for some reason this causes massive inflation, my budget started exploding, the cost of everything seemed to go up, i cut spending, raised taxes, so the percentage of everything went down, but the cost is still going up, my budget costs pretty much doubles every year, even though all my buildings have been finished, so how do i fight inflation ?

3rd question, Does oil sell it self ? cuz i dont seem to get any money from it, except when my oil towers become operational, i've tried making deals with countries to sell it, but no matter how much or little i try to sell they always turn it down, i've tried all kinda quantities, they either say, "This is not enough for this nations demand" or "This is too much for this country, we dont wanna be too dependand on any nation", there is NO MIDDLE GROUND.

4th question, has any1 even managed to invent anything ? the only one i've managed to invent has been sum improved version of the nuke, and even that happened after i made my first nuke, i can have a research staff of like a 100k, with every research option at 10 stars, AND NOTHING HAPPENS, i once played for 3 years like that, big staff, everything at max, they didnt invent a single thing, what's the point of pumping money into it ?

Sry if i seem dumb, i really like this game, didnt play the first one so i dont really have any clue about..well anything, and THERE'S NO MANUAL, not even an electronic one.

Im using the second patch, cant use the 3rd cuz the popularity option in the digital trainer doesnt work

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PhoenixCH  posted on Oct 29, 2010 1:25:03 AM - Report post

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I can't answer all of these, but I can comment on your first point (about the slowdown). Everyone gets this to some degree.
It takes forever on my system, and it's by no means an old one. I'd put this down to the way the game has been created/coded. It's not all that efficient. CPU and memory usage can be all over the place, even when there's no reason for it to be.

These sort of performance and stability issues may be corrected in a future patch, but going off it's predecessor GPS, then I wouldn't be too hopefull. With regards to the other strange problems you might be having, again, this could be attributed to game bugs. These will probably be ironed-out over time. They keep releasing patches occasionally, so at least they are addressing the bugs.

@everyone else:

If anyone else is having problems with the same option, please post up. State whether your version is retail or digital though, as this is important to us


kuningasjokipuu  posted on Oct 29, 2010 7:34:47 AM - Report post

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Well many people in the trainer topic posted that popularity boost doesnt work, and you were part of that conversation, have you been smoking something ?

Here is the link


MovieBuff333  posted on Nov 24, 2010 12:36:02 PM - Report post

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Well the speed/slowness might depend on whether or not you've got the globe zoomed in or have the military units (tanks/planes/etc) visible or have your militray menu up. This is because if the computer has to display the movement/status of military then it can slow down in fast forward mode. That's something I thought of that you hadn't mentioned.

RESEARCH. If you want to invent something (which might be like building Wonders in the Civilization games where just the FIRST country gets invention credit...I dunno about this for sure though). But if you're trying to get an invention, pick just one research category to max to 10 stars or else a tiny number of 10-star projects. this is because having 100k people working on everything at max stars means much less than focusing on trying to be the best at one or two things. So for instance if you focus on Energy or something then you'll get very good results having 100k researchers doing a 10-star priority level of JUST THAT. Whereas 2 projects at 10-stars means 50k per project, etc. So focus on what matters. Wish I could find a tech tree for the research.

[Edited by MovieBuff333, 11/24/2010 12:37:37 PM]

kuningasjokipuu  posted on Nov 24, 2010 9:17:00 PM - Report post

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When i was playin with Finland, i annexed the whole of middle east, meaning that i could control pretty much all the oil in the world, i also had a population of like 200 million after that, so at point i had like 10 million researchers, might be overkill, but i got like one or two inventions a year.
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