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Addperk console cheat,steam achievement?
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    Alienoob posted on Aug 10, 2011 1:34:00 AM - Report post
    originally posted by tommy6860

    Ok this is what you do, since you don't ask for weapons, you can do this yourself. Unfortunately, you cannot make God mode stick permanently, that would have to be enabled every time you load Vegas, resulting in the achievements not working. You don't need a batch file for these as you can just type them in from reading them here.

    Remember, you need to do this as a new game before leaving into the world, but after you completed all parts of the doctor's quizzes/tasks. Health you can set so you have so much you cannot be killed in 10K hours of playing the game on very hard setting. Since you simply want to have all of these perk, the best thing to do is just to set your max level and then add XPs and then choose what perks you want.

    Do any of these first in the command console. They cannot be copied and pasted in the console, you have to manually input them. Set the number to what you want, no more than 9 digits. I would make separate saves each time you make a setting to test it. If all is done and well, then make one last save and delete the others. All needed input are in italics.


    player.setav health 9999999 (no more than 9 digits)

    If you want to carry more items:

    player.setav carryweight ****** (no more than 9 digits)

    If you want more action points:

    player.setav actionpoints ****** (no more than 9 digits)

    Speed, and you wanted 2X:

    player.setav speedmult 200

    After doing any/all of these above, simply do these last two to get all of the perks and level up. You can max out at level 99, giving you a choice of 49 perks. If you find that you have the all of the skills you want maxed and the perks you want and don't want to level any higher, simply open the console before leveling again, type the same command and input the number of the level one higher than the one you just got to.


    setgs imaxcharacterlevel 99

    Then do this:

    rewardxp 1000000

    Now you just have to spend about 15-20 minutes choosing the perks and skills you want. After that, if you need your SPECIAL maxed, do this. Look at how many more points you need to max out your SPECIAL (primary stats). Don't go over the number, or you won't be able to get out of the Pip-Boy because it expects you to use ALL of the points. For example, if all 7 of your SPECIALs are level 5, you would need 35 more points to get all of them to the max of 10. Be sure you do the SPECIAL absolutely last so nothing hangs.

    addspecialpoints **

    Now for your resistances. Set them at the % you want, for example 85 would = 85%

    player.setav damageresist ***
    player.setav radresist ***
    player.setav poisonresist ***
    player.setav fireresist ***

    This set your chance for a critical hit:

    player.setav critchance ***

    Hope this helps you.

    [Edited by tommy6860, 10/25/2010 2:53:49 PM]

    Does this still work for steam achievements? Or have the patches done away with such an easy workaround?

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    SnJester posted on Nov 07, 2014 6:25:14 AM - Report post
    I've played fO3/FNV so often that I've made my own bat file
    It's a bit of a god file >.>


    player.additem f 9999999

    player.modav health 9999999
    player.modav actionpoints 9999
    player.modav healrate 1000
    player.modav healratemult 1000
    player.modav combathealthregenmult 1000
    player.modav staminarate 1000
    player.modav staminaratemult 1000
    player.modav carryweight 999999999
    player.modav damageresist 100
    player.modav diseaseresist 100
    player.modav fireresist 100
    player.modav poisonresist 100
    player.modav unarmeddamage 1000
    player.modav weaponspeedmult 2
    player.modav critchance 100
    player.modav attackdamagemult 10000

    setgs fjumpfallheightmin 9999
    setgs fjumpheightmin 1024

    [Edited by SnJester, 11/7/2014 6:27:07 AM]
    =^.^= Furpower =^.^=
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    Vanginator posted on Aug 18, 2015 12:26:29 PM - Report post
    i think so i just did this and didn't get the level achievements
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