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Street Fighter X Tekken
XBox 360, Playstation 3

Reviewed on: XBox 360
Publisher: Capcom
Rated: "T" for Teen

CHEATfactor Game Review
by Joe Sinicki

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User Rating:        6
Presentation: 6

The visuals look like a slightly cleaned up version of what we saw in Super Street Fighter IV, and it still works. There are some localization issues, and load times are persistently bad throughout the fight screens.

Gameplay: 5

Tekken fans should hope that the promised Tekken X Street Fighter game hits, as this one is definitely heavier on the Street Fighter side. It's essentially what would happen if Yohsihiro Ono created the Tekken characters -- but it's still a blast to play.

Lasting Appeal:

Multiplayer is engaging, and there's enough fighters to master, but those who haven't subscribed to the formula in games past -- especially that of the Marvel VS Capcom series aren't going to find much to like here.

Overall: 6
Street Fighter X Tekken does well with the formula it's been given, even if it is showing its age. All of its problems aside, Street Fighter X Tekken is a solid fighter that's pure fun to sit on your couch and play with your buddies.
CHEATfactor: 6

Late in 2001, DC Comics teamed up with Stan Lee, the legendary co-creator of such Marvel heroes as Spider-man, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America to do a series of comics where Lee created his own version of the famed DC heroes. The “Just Imagine..” line was supposed to be a cross between what's great about both comic companies -- it wasn't. Superman was an alien cop who couldn't hack it on his home planet, Wonder Woman was a hipster activist, Batman was a pro wrestler and Aquaman was a sketchy guy who mixed his DNA with that of a dolphin -- no, really.

Why do I bring up a comic book from over ten years ago that I would much rather forget? Playing through Street Fighter X Tekken, the new crossover fighter from Capcom -- I got the same feeling. The differences may not be as striking as Lee's creations, but it comes off as much more of a “What if Yoshihiro Ono (the man behind Street Fighter IV) created Tekken” rather than a celebration of the two long running fighting franchises -- and that's okay because of the eventual Tekken X Street Fighter that's been announced putting the creative duties in the hands of Capcom, but one has to wonder -- is it enough?

"Flashy combos, intricate combo maneuvers and quick tags..."


If you've played any of Capcom's recent fighting games, Street Fighter X Tekken is sure to look incredibly familiar; it follows the same visual style of Street Fighter IV and the same basic mechanics as the Marvel VS Capcom series. There are a few differences here, like how you'll play as a team of two rather than three, but the idea remains the same; play as a team of fighters from either one franchise or the other and brawl your way through a ladder of opponents. This is a development team and franchise that knows its bread and butter and pulls it off well. Flashy combos, intricate combo maneuvers and quick tags are the name of the Street Fighter X Tekken game, and fans are sure to gobble it up.

One of the game's biggest strength's lies in the sheer amount of characters that are playable from the start. Both sides of the conflict are well represented here, with Street Fighter legends like Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and Guile making appearances and fighters like Kazuya, King and Kuma (Bear Fight!) appearing for Tekken. I did enjoy the amount of second tier characters that made the cut, like Kuro the cat from Tekken.

The arcade mode of Street Fighter X Tekken serves as the game's story mode, and I use that term in the loosest of terms. There's a mysterious object crashing to Earth and both sides want it because it's got powers. Don't pay much attention to that vague description, as the game does even less to develop the plot. It serves merely as a jumping off point to get you to fighting -- which is what you're here for anyways.

"...still remaining extremely accessible for new players..."


I'm always amazed that more fighting games haven't stolen directly from the latest Mortal Kombat title and its stellar story mode. Rather, at the start of the story you'll get a non-moving, slightly animated animation, and in between the fights, you're going to have banter between both sides, but that's about it. I did appreciate that the majority of the fighters have a reason to be teaming together, and it's not a random two players. But can someone please explain why Capcom made some of the non-Japanese fighters speak English, but characters like Guile from America and Vega from Spain still speak Japanese?

Street Fighter X Tekken does a great job of catering to its core fan base, while still remaining extremely accessible for new players thanks to a great degree of customization options. There's the new gem system that allows players to divide up skill points to their fighters to help beef up their strengths. There's also a number of cool one touch controls that allow newer users to become more familiar with move sets.

A lot of players are going to go into Street Fighter X Tekken looking to play online -- but they're going to be severely disappointed, as though the game does feature a pretty robust and dedicated online suite, the reliability of the connection speed are less than impressive. You'll get a ton of match requests, but you'd both better have stellar connections, or the game is most likely to be dropped. Hopefully Capcom can fix it before long.

For all that it does wrong, Street Fighter X Tekken is still a lot of fun to play with some buddies on the couch and spend an afternoon duking it out. The engine may be starting to show its age, but it still works well when it needs to, and it still knows just what it's fans want. Now let's just see what Namco can do with the Street Fighter characters later this year. 



CHEATS USED: Achievements/Trophies Lists

The trouble with a game like Street Fighter X Tekken, at least when it comes to cheats is that that the game literally goes out of its way to be accessible for newcomers to the series and genre. It's also got a remarkably large character list, and not a lot of unlockables.

I'd love to see a cheat for unlimited gems, so I would be able to customize my character the exact way I want to. I'd also love a one touch super combo button and an unlimited meters mode.



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