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Section 8
PC, XBox 360

Reviewed on: XBox 360

TimeGate Studios
Publisher: SouthPeak Games
Rated: "T" for Teen

CHEATfactor Game Review
by Joe Sinicki

Audio/Visual: 6
Gameplay: 5
Lasting Appeal: 5
Overall: 6
CHEATfactor: 6

Gee, a game that combines elements from Halo with games like Team fortress 2 and Battlefield sure sounds great doesn’t it? In reality --  ehh, not so much.

Section 8 is your average space-military themed FPS that we’ve seen so many times before, the only difference is that this one tries to mix components from a number of successful franchises in hopes of creating a new experience but really it only manages to step on its own heels. There are some that may enjoy Section 8 – but only if they’ve been stuck under a rock and haven’t played the source material.

The game is set on a futuristic Earth after the human race has discovered interstellar travel and colonized distant galaxies. But there are glitches – we haven’t exactly worked all of the kinks out of communicating through different galaxies – which allow an evil group known as the ARM of Orion to take over planets with little to no opposition. Got all that? It’s more than likely going to be the last time you’ll even think about it. Unless you’re really paying attention, the game’s story is all but forgotten – especially in later portions of the game. Really, what the game boils down to is simple FPS logic; shoot at those that look different than you. Unless I was seriously missing something on my two play-throughs – the game’s single player mode takes roughly an hour to complete and is nothing but a bunch of multiplayer maps with bots. Did the developers feel obligated to include a single player element to the game?

"...your character literally rockets into action from high above the map."


Here’s a tip, if a store is demoing Section 8 go ahead and play it; you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money, as the game’s coolest element takes place before you even step into battle.  Instead of just spawning on the battlefield – your character literally rockets into action from high above the map. It’s a pretty cool mechanic and since you can choose where you land, it also adds a bit of strategy – land in the right area and you’re almost guaranteed a few kills, but land in the wrong area and you’ll be blasting into action again.

The actual FPS action of Section 8 is pretty straight-forward with a bit of a classic feel. Much like Team Fortress 2 or the Battlefield series, the game allows players to select classes to use in competition. However – unlike these esteemed titles the classes really don’t seem to matter and all pretty much play the same.  What is cool though is the ability to design your own class, using whatever weapons, abilities and specialties you like to create the perfect character. While this is unique to the game, it also serves to trivialize the game’s selection of classes – why use one already in the game when you can create your own?

There’s a decent selection of weapons in Section 8 and a few of them are quite satisfying – and most surprising  is the fact that while playing, I kept going back to the pistol – even after unlocking the more impressive guns. There was just something satisfying about using the pistol that I couldn’t find in many of the other guns.  Perhaps it was the fact that it offered a bit more accuracy against enemies that took quite a long time to take out. Enemies have a life bar over their heads when shooting at them and though bigger weapons like rifles and grenade launchers did more damage – it seemed like they were harder to connect on multiple shots.

"...for a game that is trying to be your new multiplayer god, it sure is a half-assed attempt."


Then we come to Section 8’s biggest problem – no one is playing it; they’re all still playing Halo or Team Fortress 2. Well, that’s not completely accurate; we were able to play a few full games but you have to wonder, once the “hey – I’m playing a new game!” feeling dies down, what’s going to be left? Who will chose to play this game rather than those it tries to imitate? Already, we’re starting to see the numbers start to dwindle. It just doesn’t make sense – for a game that is trying to be your new multiplayer god, it sure is a half-assed attempt.

There’s a lesson to be learned here folks – if you’re going to attempt to steal players from two of the most popular online games of this generation (and of all time really), you better be able to do some things better than those games. Everything that Section 8 does that Halo or Team Fortress does boils down to a gimmick, and they’re gimmicks you’re going to forget before long. If you’re looking for a bit of a diversion, check out Section 8 – otherwise stick to Halo and Team Fortress 2



CHEATS USED: Unlock Weapons, Armor

When looking at cheats in Section 8 you have to take into account that the game is meant to predominantly be an online shooter – so cheats are going to be tricky (let it be known kids – cheating online is bad) and you’re going to be limited to the single player game.

As of this writing, Cheat Happens was able to find two cheats for Section 8. The first, let’s you unlock the black-widow auto pistol. Now, I loved the pistol in this game, and an auto-firing and more powerful version of that same weapon is a very good thing. That being said, if you don’t like the pistol – you’re probably not going to care much about this cheat.

The other cheat was to unlock the Captain’s Armor – which did offer a bit more protection, but since the game’s characters generally have a pretty good defense system, it wasn’t all that special of an add-on.



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