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PC, XBox 360, Playstation 3

Reviewed on: PC
id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Rated: "M" for Mature

CHEATfactor Game Review
by Joe Sinicki

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User Rating:        6
Presentation: 6

Save for a few instances of blurring and other weird glitches, Rage is easily one of the best looking games on any platform. Everything is crisp, clear and it's easy to get lost in the game's seemingly infinite environments.

Gameplay: 5

The shooting is sturdy and fun and the vehicle sections are great fun. Sadly though, Rage takes almost no risks, and seems to be content with towing the line of all of the other post-apocalyptic shooters in gaming today.

Lasting Appeal:

Including the main campaign, side missions and online play -- there's a lot of content in Rage, unfortunately, most of this content starts to blend together after a few hours of gameplay. The vehicle sections are going to be the game's lasting legacy.

Overall: 6

Rage is a quality shooter that hits its mark most of the time, it's just disappointing that after all of the hype and all of the delays, it plays things so safe. Just when the game really starts to gain momentum, it starts to feel stale, and then abruptly ends.

CHEATfactor: 6

Just about thirty minutes into Rage, the new genre bending shooter for id and Bethesda, you'll gain access to the Wingstick. A typical boomerang style distance weapon, the Wingstick hits its mark more often than not, and when it does, it's extremely satisfying, but when it misses, it does so crashing quickly to the ground with a loud thud. The Wingstick then, is symbolic of the entire Rage experience -- when it works, it's a quality satisfying shooter, but when it doesn't, it's clear just how disappointing the experience really is.

Rage picks up from a rather familiar feeling place, you emerge from an underground vault years after an asteroid strike has wiped out life as we now know it. As you exit the vault, you take a few seconds to adjust your eyes to the blaring sun, but then you're blindsided by an unknown attacker. Your life is saved by a local sharpshooter, who explains that survivors like you are a rare find, and thus asks you a favor. Much like other Bethesda projects, you'll spend the majority of your time traveling from town to town performing jobs and favors for locals in exchange for weapons, items and of course, to progress the story.

As a shooter, Rage is more than competent, it's downright great; but would you expect anything less from id software, the developers of Doom and Quake? The weapons are deeply satisfying (if not conventional), especially later in the game. Each weapon has a valid sense of weight to it, and things get even more interesting when you start to experiment with different ammo types, like those that add extra damage, or include an exploding electrical shock to them. Perhaps most satisfying is the way you'll deal your damage in Rage. Enemies animate incredibly well, and will crawl to you unless you put them out of their misery.

"'s by no means an open world environment."


The true allure of Rage though wasn't that it was a competent shooter, it was that it was a competent open world shooter, and this aspect, Rage fails to deliver. Yes, the wasteland of Rage is an expansive one, but it's by no means an open world environment. The debris of the wasteland creates a clear pathway that turns the game into an almost corridor like shooter, similar to Quake or Doom. Does this take away from the experience? It's debatable, but it's definitely disappointing. Rage was supposed to bend the rules of the shooter genre, but it merely masks them in an effort to seem fresh.

Similar games. Obviously, the first game anyone will draw comparisons to is Bethesda's own Fallout series. While both feature similar themes, Fallout is easily the deeper of the two games. Rage lets you collect weapons, different ammo, and armor to change your character, but it doesn't allow you to customize your character's gender, build, appearance or skills; it's merely a paint by numbers shooter that seems to try to emulate those that came before it. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect is that there's no competitive first person shooter multiplayer mode, where id made its mark so many years ago.

"...features an impressively fun vehicular combat aspect..."


But shooting is only part of the Rage experience as the game also features an impressively fun vehicular combat aspect that truly makes up for some of the game's lesser aspects. It's here where the game seems to deliver on most of its promises as you'll drive in customized buggies throughout the wasteland. This mode becomes even more fun when taking it online against others and their customized buggies.

Truly the most impressive aspect of Rage is just how phenomenal it all looks. It's hard not to marvel at the game's seemingly ongoing environments, all rendered incredibly well. The entire game has an almost Borderlands style cartoonish look to it, and everything is well defined and looks great. Besides a few instances of grainy textures and fuzzy visuals, Rage truly pushes what modern machines can do.

Rage is a quality shooter that hits its mark most of the time, it's just disappointing that after all of the hype and all of the delays, it plays things so safe. Just when the game really starts to gain momentum, it starts to feel stale, and then abruptly ends. id has always been dependable for quality shooters -- they just can't all be that innovative.  



CHEATS USED: Unlimited Health, Ammo, Money, Super Boost

In the wasteland of Rage, you'll need all the help you can get. How does unlimited health, ammo and money sound? Yeah, I thought so.

The trainer for Rage from is one of the most impressive trainers I have ever used. Everytime I needed something, I thought -- hey, the trainer offers that! The trainer even makes the vehicle sections, easily the best part of the game more fun by giving me the option for super boost.



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User # 700566
posted: -  Report Post             I rate this game  edit post

Well this game is fun at first, its whole new gameplay. But... its getting boring and weird... Lucky I just borrow this game from a friend of mine.

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User # 149207
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Having a great time, another good release by bethesda / ID.

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User # 265467
posted: -  Report Post             I rate this game  edit post

I bought this game and had to go through hell to get a refund.

In terms of gameplay it looked good for the whole 30 minutes I played it, but then the graphic bugs just became too much for me to handle, screen tearing and slow textures killing the mood of playing what looked like a good game.

The enemies jumping around avoiding all the attacks and the weapons seemed pretty good and added a nice challenge.

The latest patches have apparantly fixed a lot of bugs, but I don't see why they released a game that was so poorly finished. I'm going to give this a 3, I may decide to play it again in the future, but for now, it's staying low.

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User # 277933
posted: -  Report Post             I rate this game  edit post

PC version of this game is really poorly implemented, tons or screen tearing, missing textures, popping.
I hear the ps3 version is a bit better but if you really want to play the game with little to no screen tearing you have to play on the 360. As for the PC version I rate it a 1.

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User # 771548
posted: -  Report Post              edit post

I agree tjb329, I would also have to add a similarity to BRINK (developed by Splash Damage, published by Bethesda) for its pace of combat.

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