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User # 603229
posted: 12/31/2010 1:58:01 AM - Report Post               edit post

I totally agree with this review!

Apart from the game's character, there is nothing interesting in the game. It gets very boring and repetitive as I feel like having played through the whole level again and again. There is no variety in the environment which is a serious no-no.

But it indeed is cheap, so can't expect much from it either. But they should decide to come up with more environments as I spent very less time with the game and chose to delete all the local content after it.

I would certainly recommend having checked out other Poker games before having played this. The only thing they were good at was using the nature of every character at its fullest.

I would rate this game a 4/10. Don't know why it is stuck at 9!

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User # 966055
posted: 1/25/2011 5:22:39 PM - Report Post            I rate this game   edit post

I agree on the review its fun at start butt when the game go longer its more like pff again. To bad

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