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This page contains the cheats used for our review along with additional cheats, files and wallpapers for No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle that you might enjoy. Be sure to select the cheats for the correct platform of your game.

1. Gecko Codes, US  
  Features: Codes for use with the Gecko OS or compatible apps
  Updated: Feb 09, 2010
  Rating: Not Rated
2. Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints  
  Features: A collection of codes and user-submitted hints.
  Updated: Feb 09, 2010
  Rating: Not Rated
1. Wii Trainer (USA/NTSC)   UNLIMITED MEMBERS ONLY!   Click to learn more about this cheat type. 
  Features: Unlimited Health, One Hit Kills, Full Sword (Sword Never Runs Out of Electricity), Close Enemy (Enemies Swarm You Instead of Backing Off). These cheats may be turned on or off at any time while playing. WRITTEN FOR THE USA/NTSC VERSION OF THE GAME. THIS TRAINER REQUIRES A SOFTMODDED WII WITH THE GECKO OS LOADER.
  Updated: Feb 09, 2010
1. Savegame (US)  
  Features: Game Completed, Deathmatch Mode Unlocked, Bitter Mode Unlocked.
  Updated: Feb 09, 2010
  Rating: Not Rated
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