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posted: 6/13/2011 12:36:00 PM - Report Post            I rate this game   edit post

I don't know, this game was not upto the level of its prequel. Awesome graphics though!!!

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User # 538690
posted: 7/7/2011 1:34:06 PM - Report Post            I rate this game   edit post

I don't understand how you gave this game such a good review.

As a gamer this game ranks so low that its not worth $60 or, even buying used. I have the PC version.
Here is my list of what needs to be fixed and what is lacking;
-SLI & Crossfire support
-Direct X 10 support, available in crysis 1 at launch
-Direct X 11 support, available in crysis 1 with a patch because it wasn't out at the time of release
-Surround audio (the sounds are overlay mono inputs split into two channels, and no 5.1, no effort here at all)
-Saving (I hate check points, that's a console invention for people who cant remember to save)
-CD Key support, no you can't put your CD key in and it save it you have to keep reentering it unless you go through 7 steps to fix it
-AI can see you through anything, that is unless your cloaked
-AI has unlimited ammo, I hate this about games, there is no realism, why am I restricted?
-AI can call out "he's over here" and EVERYONE knows where you are, in a real situation they would be asking "WHERE!" Crysis 1 wasn't like this.
-AI can shoot PERFECTLY STRAIGHT, the only time I had seen them not shoot straight was for a in game scene to setup the plot
-Audio is so repetitive
-Scripting for way points is too obvious
-Moving through town like no one is there. When you get to a checkpoint and load to the next level you move 2-10 miles on the map, crysis 1 had much better flow between levels
-NO SPEED BOOST?!? Did they have it the original game?........ Yes they did, is the reason why they took it out is because the loading of the map for the console wouldn't fully load before you came to a stop an issue in this game?

If you have noticed all these items are for single player mode I do have more complaints and, I have a lot for the multiplayer but there is not enough text characters to fit them all in.

Please understand I loved crysis 1 and had high hopes for 2.
This game is such a disappointment to me and I won't buy another crytek game again.

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