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User # 202360
posted: 11/13/2010 8:05:39 AM - Report Post            I rate this game   edit post


Pros: Got the game At a 50% discount..


-Alot of people are having trouble connecting to the CoD forums/Support..
(Not incl. in my Rating)

-People can't Play Zombie-Mode Online..

-My stats have been Re-set 9 times, since game launch..

-The game is lagging like nothing I've seen in the last 5 Years..

-The game apparently havent been Beta tested, because some Campaign missions is broke..

-Some times the game wont start at all..

-Sometimes the game crashes Steam, or Steam Crashes the game?

-And have just been using an hour to try connecting to any server online, that Failed.

-So all in all in my opinnion, this game is a bad investment.. Well atleast at this time.

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User # 883399
posted: 11/13/2010 8:00:30 PM - Report Post               edit post

Good, but not the best.. It isn't so awesome like Modern Warfare 2

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User # 603229
posted: 11/13/2010 9:02:01 PM - Report Post            I rate this game   edit post

I have been a collecter of each and every Call of Duty game and have been a loyal fan of the series.

I never did question the fun factor of any Call of Duty game since they were action packed and never had a single dull moment where you would just wander around doing nothing. But the only thing disappointed me was the campaign lenght which got lesser and lesser as the series continued with new and new installments.

But as far as Black Ops is concerned, it is what changes a few opinions of mine. The campaign carries down the legacy - Its action packed, thrilling and fun as always...Unfortunately it also carries down the short length which amounts to about 4-5 hours. However the did make it upto it by including the zombie mode which is quite fun. The Zombie arcade game is going to take some hours from me as I find the Crimsonland type gameplay quite addicting.

The only thing that really bugs me about this game is poor performance. It nearly chokes away my processor at its full capacity which worries me a lot. So this prevents it from becoming a perfect game, but it still is awesome!

I would seriously recommend this game to all FPS and Call of Duty fans (Even to those who are tired of following the series) - But only if you have a decent PC.

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Lord Vader
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User # 433728
posted: 11/13/2010 9:27:48 PM - Report Post               edit post

the game's not all that bad if u have a good system and i too have been a fan of the COD series from the very first game and this game is certainly enjoyable. but...MW2 was better than this. good review Joe.

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User # 1043445
posted: 11/14/2010 8:26:47 PM - Report Post            I rate this game   edit post

hammers the cpu can't understand why it laggs sometimes. got my sys on 100% can counter anygame on ultra settings, but cod black ops just aint quite right. black ops has some poor issues. the SP is rather poor.. too much Epilogue for each mission, could of added extra missions if it wasnt for all the pointless epilogue.i was expecting a mw2 with a new lick of paint but black ops has failed to impress in that department. for the price it's Not worth it. gameplay is good but could of been alot better. Mw2 beats this game in every way. sorry but this game is getting a poor ranking. Maybe next time COD you can bring something alot more worthy!

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