Review: Sumo Gamer Fur and Sumo Switch Bean Bags

Review: Sumo Gamer Fur and Sumo Switch
 by: Chris O’Rorke
Published: April 4, 2018
Gamer Fur Bean Bag

Here at Cheat Happens we play games. A LOT of games. Sitting in an office chair all day to do this just isn’t much fun not to mention being uncomfortable. Enter the Sumo Gamer Fur huge bean bag. By huge I mean plenty big enough for one person of any size measuring in at 48” X 48” X 30”. It weighs in at around 50 pounds. However, you wouldn’t have guessed it by the shipping box it arrived in which was about 1/4th those dimensions. It’s quite amazing how they can compress the contents so that you don’t have to get your new lounge chair by freight truck, but it did take a little muscle to get it to “poof out” to its regular size. Sumo does offer additional bean bags that are what would be considered GIGANTIC if you want to share with multiple people.

For this review I used the Gamer Fur to play games, both at my PC and in my media room with a 120” screen. While I have had other bean bags that were made of other materials, this literally feels like you’re sitting on a cloud of fur. The best description that I can come up with is that it’s much like a long-haired dog. It’s very soft and comfortable while also retaining some firmness to it so that you don’t just sink into it. However, just like most long-haired dogs, it does tend to shed just a bit, but I didn’t find that to be a drawback, just something worth mentioning. You can get the same Gamer chair in both microsuede and corduroy if you like and you can also get replacement covers.

It’s also worth noting that the cover comes on and off very easily and is machine washable. For the second part of my review I asked my sister (age 22) and daughter (age 11) to give it a try while watching movies and playing video games. Both reviews were quite similar. They both agreed that it’s the “best seat in the house” for lounging around. The fur cover felt very luxurious and both loved it. It was also the perfect size for both to use together comfortably. Overall, a great product that I have no problem recommending to others.

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Switch Convertible Bean Bag Chair

This was an interesting new product and take on the classic bean bag. It’s basically a “chair” with back support filled with super-comfortable foam which then can be converted into a full-length lounge chair. Compared to the Gamer Fur, the Switch is more firm but not overly so, but it has to be to support both the chair and lounge configuration so that you don’t just flip over backwards when leaning back against it. The chairs that we received were a bit “overstuffed” which made the “chair” position a little difficult to work with, but simply removing some of the foam fixed it right up.

While the chair configuration is certainly comfortable and useful, it’s the lounge position that I really enjoyed the most. To be able to recline and stretch all the way out, with back support, it was amazing for both playing games and watching movies. The cover I would say is something similar to microsuede and the dimensions in the chair position are 32” front to back, 24” wide and the seat is 20” from the ground while the chairback is 35” from the ground. In the lounge position the dimensions are 60” front to back, 24” wide and 10” from the ground on the seat portion and 26” from the ground for the chairback portion. Again I asked my sister and daughter to give it a try and they both agreed with my assessment. If you have room for the lounge position, it’s amazing.

Overall, two great products from Sumo Lounge that we will be using daily for years to come. We took some photos of the actual product being used so that you can see it in real world use.

Photos courtesy of Marissa Jeans (www.LoveStormClothing.com / Instagram) and Kennley O’Rorke.

For more information or to purchase your own Sumo products, please visit:
US: www.sumolounge.com/
Canada: www.sumolounge.ca/
UK: www.sumolounge.co.uk/
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