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Weapon Bob

If enabled, your weapon will bob up and down when you are running/walking.

Gore Level
Determines how much blood, gore and gibs you will see.

Determines whether or not you can perform dodges to the left, right, or leap forward and back. It’s best to leave this on, as other players can still perform dodges whether or not yours is disabled.

Auto Aim
If enabled, you will automatically lock on to enemies as long as you are aiming in their direction. Only applies to single player.

High Beacon Trajectory
If enabled, you will be able to toss the Translocator at a high trajectory to teleport, like in the original game.

Weapon Switch On Pickup
If enabled, you will automatically switch to the weapon you just picked up. This will only happen if you pick up a weapon better than the one you have (if you are carrying a Rocket Launcher and pick up a Link Gun, it won’t switch).

Landing Viewshake
If enabled, your view will shake for a few seconds when you hit the ground from a fall.

Choose what kind of connection you have.

Dynamic Netspeed
Choose this to adjust your network speed, based on several factors.

Track Stats
Check the box to keep track of your stats, including kills, deaths, etc.

UserName (if Track Stats is enabled)
Choose the user name you want to view your stats with. It doesn’t have to be the same as your game name.

Password (if Track Stats is enabled)
Choose a password to go along with your user name for viewing your stats.

Speech Recognition
Turn on/off speech recognition.

Preload All Player Skins
This will increase the load time of maps, but it reduces the number of interruptions while actually playing. To enable this, you need 512MB of memory as a minimum.

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