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Music Volume
Changes how loud the music is that plays in the background.

Audio Mode
Changes the type of audio. If you have a surround or 3D system, choose the appropriate selection.

Low Sound Detail
This should only be checked if you don’t have many free resources, or if your sound system isn’t good. It lowers the quality of all sound effects.

System Driver
Use the sound card in your PC instead of what the game will be forced to use if you don’t have one.

Reverse Stereo
Switches the left and right audio channels.

Effects Volume
Changes how loud the effects are (gun blasts, vehicle noises, footsteps, explosions, etc.).

Play Voices
Choose the types of voice messages you want to hear.

Mature Taunts
If this is enabled, you will hear some vulgar taunts, such as “Die, bitch!”.

If enabled, your character will automatically choose a taunt after some kills. If disabled, you will have to taunt them manually.

Message Beep
You will hear a beep before receiving a text message.

Announcer Volume
Changes how loud the announcer is.

Choose what announcements, if any, you want to hear.

Status Announcer
Choose a specific voice announcer for updating your status (such as ‘Red Power Node under attack!’).

Reward Announcer
Choose a specific voice announcer for rewards (Head Shot, Road Rage, etc.).

Enable In Game
If enabled, what you say will be translated into text for people who don’t have speech enabled.

Enable on IRC
Same as the above, except for chats.

Team Messages Only
Same as the above, but only for the team you are on.

Voice Chat
Enable voice chat. If enabled, you can use a microphone to talk to players.

Voice Options
Set up options for when you speak.

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