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Assassinate triad leader
Obtain Jade figurine
Escape from the area

Lee Hong has been weakened and you’ve got your opportunity to strike now.

He’s retreated to his own stronghold, the Emperor’s Garden restaurant. It’s a popular, well-known place and appears legitimate, but there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. We have a man inside who may be able to help you, but haven’t heard from him in weeks. Remember, Lee Hong is weakened, but he’s still very dangerous, very cautious, and recent events have obviously put his guard up.

After Hong has been eliminated, get his Jade figurine. Its symbolic value is enormous. No one has led the Red Dragon triad without possessing it. The death of Hong and the disappearance of the Jade figurine will throw the triad into chaos.

Good luck, 47—for once I think you’ll need it.

View Screenshot You begin on a familiar street; yes, we’re back at the Chinese restaurant where you killed all those Blue Lotus members. Follow the street that you are facing, and when it splits, View Screenshot, go to the right. Follow the road, and when it splits again, View Screenshot, take it to the left. Make your way to the front of the restaurant (the red building on your right), and go inside. View Screenshot

Once you’re inside, enter this door. View Screenshot You are now in the bar. Find the bartender on the left side of the area, View Screenshot, and talk to him. His stomach will start bugging him, View Screenshot, and after the conversation, he’ll run off. Pick up the brothel invite from the counter, then go behind it to find the laxative, which is labeled “Pluto”.View Screenshot Leave the bar the way you came.

Back in the room with the statue, go straight across and to the left from the bar. When you see two doors with a guard in between them, View Screenshot, go through the right one, then go through the single door directly across from you, and you’ll be in the bathroom. Exit the bathroom through the rear door, turn left, and follow the hall all the way down, ignoring the two Red Dragons guarding the door. Enter the last door on your left, View Screenshot, and step into the elevator at the end. Ride it to the basement. View Screenshot


When you step off the elevator, View Screenshot, take the hall to the left, down to the single door at the end. Go through it. Cross the small room, and enter the one and only door at the left end of the small room. Inside here is a cook’s uniform. View Screenshot Put it on. Exit the room the way you came, return to the main hall, and go through the metal double doors. View Screenshot In the small hall, two Red Dragons are guarding the next door, but dressed as a coke, they’ll let you pass. In the next room, there is an open door; go through it. View Screenshot There is a single Red Dragon member in this hall, but don’t hurt him. Walk by him, and follow the hall until you reach another metal door with another guard. View Screenshot Enter it. As you open the door, you’ll be facing another guard. Go by him, and enter the second door on your right. This room is holding the agent. View Screenshot Talk to him, and he’ll reveal the location of the figurine. View Screenshot

Leave the room with the captured agent, and return to the elevator you used to get down here (not the one at the other end). Take it back to the first floor. Return to the main room of the restaurant, by passing through the hallway with the two Red Dragons, into the bathroom, and out the bathroom’s main door.

When you’re back in the main room, take a right, View Screenshot, through the circular opening, and follow the path to the right, past another circular opening, to the last door on the right, guarded by one person. View Screenshot Go inside, then go inside the double doors immediately in front of you. You are now in the kitchen. View Screenshot As you go inside, the cook will tell you to take a soup to Mr. Hong. Approach the soup, View Screenshot, and pour the Laxative into it. The other two cooks won’t mind; they probably think it’s a spice or some ingredient.

Leave the kitchen, and go into the main dining hall. Remember that circular dining room where you killed the remaining two Blue Lotus members? Lee Hong and his bodyguard are in there. View Screenshot Walk inside, and give Hong the soup. His bodyguard will taste it, and will take off for the washroom. View Screenshot Wait for the bodyguard to leave the room, then pull out your silenced Silverballer and kill Lee Hong. Pick up the safe combination from him, and drag his body here. View Screenshot When the bodyguard returns, he won’t see Hong’s body. Now, we have to get the Jade figurine. Depending on where the CIA agent said it was located, choose your path.

NOTE: All paths assume you have already killed Lee Hong in the dining room, and have gotten the same combination from him.


If the figurine is in the Guard’s Quarters, Restaurant, Near the Entrance…
This flashing icon is the safe location. View Screenshot From where you killed Lee Hong, return all the way to the storage room that has the elevator (through the bathroom, down the hall, into the storage room), and ride it to the second floor. When you get off, you will see a guard. View Screenshot Turn left, and you’ll see another guard. Go past the second guard into the main room. When you get in the room, View Screenshot, follow it straight, then turn left. You will see a Red Dragon member standing by a door. The figurine is inside that door. Go in (as a cook, you will not be shot at), and open the safe. View Screenshot There’s the figurine! We’re almost done. Pick the lock of the other door in this room. If you remember from a previous mission, this door will lead to a balcony. Head left, and climb down the ladder. Once on the street, follow the road to the left, toward the onramp. Once you reach the onramp, the mission ends.

If the figurine is in Hong’s Office, In the Back…
This flashing icon is the safe location. View Screenshot Leave the agent’s room, and turn left. The single Red Dragon member should still be here. Circle around him so that he can’t keep track of you, and knock him out with the syringe. View Screenshot Drag his body into the closest room, then follow the halls past the agent’s room. You will come to a little sewer with a piece of concrete going over it, so cross it. At the other end, guarded by two Red Dragons, is an elevator. View Screenshot Ride it to the “mansion”. At the top, a Red Dragon’s back will be to you. Make your way to the left of the guard. When you see a double door and a single door guarded by a Red Dragon, View Screenshot, take the double doors. Turn to your right, and you will see stairs leading down. Ignore them, and follow the path to the left. Soon, you’ll come across a small opening. View Screenshot Go through it, to the left, and go up the stairs. At the very top, go through the double doors. Turn right, and you will see another double door in the middle. Your objective lies beyond. Right next to the door you came in from is the safe; open it to get the figurine. View Screenshot To get out of here, return to the first floor of the mansion, ride the elevator back to the basement, run to the other end of the basement, take the elevator back to the first floor of the restaurant, exit through the front doors, and run down the road to your left, toward the onramp. Mission over.


If the figurine is in the Brothel…
This flashing icon is the safe location. View Screenshot The brothel isn’t too hard, but not the easiest either. Leave the agent’s room, turn left, and return to the room where you changed clothes. Put on your original clothes (the black suit you started the mission with). Once in your original suit, return to the elevator, and take it back to the first floor. When the elevator stops, get off, and return to the main room, the one with the weird sculpture in the middle (the room next to the restaurant exit). Go to the door with two guards that’s bathed in a red-ish light, View Screenshot, and one of the guards will stop you. He’ll see your pass, View Screenshot, then one of them will escort you to the brothel. Follow him. When you get to the bridge, View Screenshot, the guard will stop. Cross the bridge into the brothel. Walk past the two Red Dragons and the Madam, and take a left at the curtain. Talk to the woman here. View Screenshot She’ll tell you to follow her, so do that. She’ll lead you into a room, then talk to you again. View Screenshot We don’t want to kill her and risk our SA rank, so get behind her and knock her out with the syringe. Open the other door in this room, and you’ll be outside. View Screenshot Follow the walkway to the end, around to the left, and around to the other side. Go through the one and only door. View Screenshot Inside is your figurine. View Screenshot To leave the restaurant, return across the bridge to where the guard stopped leading you, follow the stairs back to the storage room, into the main hall, and out the main door, back to the street, where you will follow the road to the onramp. As you reach the onramp, the mission comes to a close.

If the figurine is in the Weapons Depot, In the Basement…
This flashing icon is the safe location. View Screenshot If this is the location of the figurine for you, it’s the easiest one in the game. Leave the agent’s room, turn left, and go through the metal door. The depot is through a small metal door, right next to the elevator. View Screenshot Go inside, turn left, and enter this door. View Screenshot Look to the right, and there’s the safe! View Screenshot To leave, simply return to the elevator, take it to the first floor, leave the restaurant through the main door, and follow the road to the left, all the way to the onramp. When you reach the onramp, you’ve completed yet another mission.

Congratulations, you’ve just beat the eleventh mission. With your Silent Assassin rating, you have unlocked the Micro Uzi’s Silenced. Only one more mission to go!



Mansion Basement

Mansion 1st Floor

Mansion 2nd Floor

Restaurant Basement

Restaurant 1st Floor

Restaurant 2nd Floor


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