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If you steal or hijack an ambulance you can press Num + or Caps Lock (R3 for the PS2 and X for the X-Box) to activate bonus paramedic missions. It allows you to pick up patients located all over the city and drive them back to the hospital in a certain amount of time. You have to drive carefully or your patients will die and you'll fail the mission.

This is a great way to get to know the streets which will help you when you do missions or need to get away from the cops. If you save 50 patients you will unlock a health power-up at your hideout. If you pick up 100 patients you will unlock an adrenaline pill at your hideout. If you get to level 12 you will unlock Infinate Run for you character.

Note! In the Double-Pack versions for X-Box and PlayStation 2 you will only have to save 30 patients to unlock a health power-up at your hideout and 70 patients to unlock an adrenaline pill at your hideout.


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