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Act 2 - Chapter 6: Princess Evangeline

Primary Tasks
* Find the Azunite burial grounds
* Look for the Death Masks of Champion Rahvan's brothers
* Enter the Azunite catacombs
* Find Princess Evangeline
* Rescue Princess Evangeline

Secondary Quests
* Spirits of Aranna
* A Servant's Haunt
* A Servant's Haunt II
* Arinth's Legendary Staff
* Deru's Treasure Hunt
* Rahvan's Curse

Yes, the Azunite Scholar tells you to hurry, but there are no actual time limits in this game. So, take a break and go do some side quests. Now that you can chat up the neighborhood spirits, you can start in on a number of side quests. First, explore the grotto. The door the scholar just opened for you leads to a portal that takes you to the Snowbrook area; however, there are several more "rooms" in this cave.

In one room you'll find a ghost. Well, equipped with your fancy new Chant of the Dead, run outside and into the northern cave where you can find an incantation shrine. Incant and run back to the ghost and have a chat. Thus begins the world-spanning Spirits of Aranna quest. It makes even Lelani's little trading scam seem tame.

There are 18 woeful ghosts spread all over Aranna; you may recall seeing several already. You've just taken care of #9 on the list and there are nine more you can reach right now. While you're on your spiritual journey, you can also stop at the two Elven Reliquaries you've found thus far and pick up pieces of Arinth's Legendary Staff. And you can enter the Levreth Estate and take care of the Servant's Haunt quest. Finally, since you're making a world tour, might as well pick up Deru and do a bit of treasure hunting.

So get hopping! There's so much time and so little to do.

Wait. Reverse that. Thank you.

From the Eastern Arinth's Ravine teleporter, jump to the Southern Vai'lutra Forest (South) teleporter. There's an incantation shrine behind you on the hill. Incant and run east to the elevator down into the Levreth Estate. There's a second elevator to get down to the estate proper, where the spirit of Threnith Wilwarin awaits.

Speak with him and he will open the south door. Before following the ghost, go to the north room and pick up the Chant of Fighter Health and some treasure. To the west is another room with a mini-boss (level 27) and the Chants of Mage Health and Ranger Health.

Go back to the south room and pick up the portrait of Lady Levreth. Then talk to Threnith again. (Don't worry if the Chant wears off, once you've used it on a spirit, you can continue to talk to that spirit thereafter.) Threnith will open another door leading to a room with a lock of golden hair.

Pick up the hair and talk to Threnith to be led to a burned letter. Then talk to him once more to be shown the room with the family jewels. Now leave the estate and teleport back to Aman'lu. Head south to Eldoriath's house. Speak to him to close this quest; then speak to Threnith to open Part Deux.

Well, you needed to go to Eirulan anyway. While you're in Aman'lu, go to the basement of Tywlis' house and find the hidden button to open a secret room. Ride the elevator down to a hidden cellar. Cross the bridge and find the hidden button in the west passage to open the path to the ghost. There's an incantation shrine right here.

After speaking to the ghost, check your remaining Chant time (hover the mouse cursor over your character). You only need a couple of minutes to hoof it over to the Inn and speak to the ghost on the second floor balcony. If you can't make it, use the shrine in the northeast corner of Aman'lu. Now teleport to Eirulan.

Go to the Inn and confront Lady Levreth. She'll confess and tell you the name of the true murderer. Go to the Falls, use the incantation shrine at the bottom of the lift, then take either elevator down to the bottom of the Falls and speak to the ghost on the bridge. Leave Eirulan by the North Gate.

Head northwest to the Hak'u caves. There's both a shrine and a spirit here. Leave the caves by the back entrance to the Western Greilyn Jungle, turn north and head for the Tranquil Cave behind the waterfall. You should be able to reach it before your Chant wears off. If it does, continue north past the waterfall to find another shrine.

Head south to the Western Jungle teleporter and then go west to the Hak'u usurper's house to find a shrine and a spirit. Now teleport to the Azunite Desert and use the portal to get to the Eastern Beach. If you're quick enough, you don't even need to use the shrine here, just talk to the ghost that's only a short way up the path.

Take the portal back to the Desert and then teleport to the Lost Valley of the Azunites. The ghost and incantation shrine are at the south end of the valley, near the Cavern of the Phoenix. Teleport to the Western Cliffs of Azunai.

Go into Isteru's Caverns and find the ruins in the southwest corner. Climb the stairs to an elevator. Incant the Chant of the Dead at the nearby shrine, then take the elevator down to an Elven Reliquary. Speak to the spirit to open the chest and get Arinth's Focusing Stone, part of Arinth's Legendary Staff.

Return to the teleporter and go to the Temple of Xeria. North of the big room where you killed all the zombies, next to the incantation shrine, is a switch that opens a secret passage. Incant, head up the secret stairs and take the south passage to find the spirit. That's ten down, only eight more to go, but they'll have to wait.

Finally, before returning to Aman'lu, add Deru to your party at the Eirulan Inn (if she's not already a member) and teleport to the South Greilyn Jungle. You'll be right next to Razka's Ruins. Ride the elevator down and clear out the rooms. Deru will be able to open the chained door, which leads to some swag and a key with a riddle.

The riddle leads to the Frozen Cave in the Vai'kesh Forest, so teleport back to Aman'lu and then to either the Western or Eastern Arinth's Ravine teleporter. The Frozen Cave is halfway along the ravine, on the south side. Deru can collect another riddle here, as well as some treasure. The new riddle points to the Plain of Tears, which you won't reach until Act III.

Return to town and replace Deru if she's not one of your regulars. Enter the central building and confront the murderer of Lord Levreth: Guardian Commander Wethril. This can only end in violence. Once he's dead, talk to Celeb'hel to close the quest and receive your reward.

One more stop. Teleport to the Elen'lu Isles and go west to an incantation shrine. Use the Chant of the Dead and bash your way quickly to the north. Look for a ramp that leads down into a grotto. There's an elevator at the northeast tip of the grotto. Take it down into an Elven Reliquary and obtain Arinth's Carved Rod.

Time to get back on the main quest. Teleport to Eastern Arinth's Ravine, go back to the grotto and take the portal to the Garden of the Ancients. As you exit the portal, directly to your east is a frozen crypt. Inside the crypt, in the southeast corner, is a statue that opens a secret room with the Chant of Master Self Awareness.


Follow the path until you reach the teleporter. Now, if you continue on the path, you will eventually reach the Azunite Burial Grounds, through which you must pass. You'll find the burial grounds guarded by Rahvan. He'll offer to let you pass if you bring him news of his three brothers. So, to get past Rahvan you're going to need the Death Masks of his brothers.

Rather than go all the way to the burial grounds and then backtrack to this area for the Death Masks, might as well get them now. There are actually four, one for each of Rahvan's brothers and one for Rahvan himself.

You'll find these Death Masks in Frozen Crypts scattered around the area. Each crypt has a bunch of mobs, a mini-boss (level 30) and three secret rooms on the non-entrance sides of the crypt. For example, if the entrance to the crypt is on the north side, the secret rooms will be on the south, east and west sides.

One crypt is directly south of the teleporter, another is a short distance east and a third is further east. The fourth crypt is west of the teleporter, on your way to the burial grounds.

Further west, just before you reach the second teleporter, is the third mushroom circle for Amren's Vision quest. If Amren is not in your party, summon a teleporter and go back and get him. This is the Shrine of Death. In it you can find the Lore book: Vol. 19, The Path of Death.

After finishing with Amren's magic mushrooms, continue south, past the teleporter, to reach the entrance to the burial grounds. Talk to Champion Rahvan to open the door to the grounds and begin Rahvan's Curse secondary quest.

In the entrance chamber of the burial grounds, you will see four symbols on the floor. In order they are Death (purple tree), Blindness (red eye), Sight (yellow eye) and Life (green tree). Memorize the order. Well, since you're reading this guide, you don't actually need to memorize the order...Well, anyway, the order is important.

The door leading down into the burial grounds is to the right of the floor symbols. Follow the halls until you reach a large cavern where the ice is falling from the ceiling. Explore the area thoroughly and you'll note two ways to get out.

The path that leads up and west out of the cavern area takes you out to another plateau of the Garden of the Ancients. To the west is an incantation shrine that you can use to talk to the ghost that is on the eastern peninsula of the plateau. This is Spirit of Aranna #12.

In the north of the plateau is a tower with an elevator that leads to some treasure, including the Chants of Melee and Ranged Awareness. And, of course, there are lots and lots and lots of monsters to give up some XP for your party. Not to mention graves to rob and dropped loot to collect.


Once you've had your fun, return to the burial grounds and continue south to reach another teleporter. Once you go over the bridge south of the teleporter, you are in the Azunite Catacombs. From the first platform, take either bridge to the second platform. Rotate the obelisks so they read, from left to right, as the symbols in the first room did: purple tree, red eye, yellow eye, green tree. Take the elevator down into the lower catacombs.

When you reach a fork in the path, go south to enter a shrine. Take out all the mobs, then find the purple tree symbol on the east side of the shrine. Incant the Lich's name given you by Champion Rahvan. A door will open to the Lich's tomb and you should be able to take him out pretty quickly. Loot the tomb. At some later point, be sure to return to Champion Rahvan to complete his quest and receive your reward.

For now, head back to the west path through the catacombs. You will soon pass over a long bridge and enter a large room full of columns. There's a small room to the west with a little loot. To the north lies your main goal: Princess Evangeline guarded by a Dark Wizard of Valdis.

The Wizard is actually pretty easy once you figure out his defenses and pattern. Using Drown on him will make him weak lightning and ice, so both combat and nature mages can have their way with him. Having a nature mage cast Spirit Embrace on the party to immunize against the wizard's curses would also be helpful. There are some war pedestals scattered around the room to quickly recharge powers.

The Dark Wizard will summon some giant undead to guard him, but they're not too difficult. The wizard sticks to the center platform, so draw his summons away from him and destroy them. The wizard protects himself with three revolving crystal shards. Destroy the shards (not too hard) before unloading on the wizard with everything you've got.

He teleports around the platform, but it's not large so your melee fighters never have to run far to get back to him. Still, ranged attacks are better, so a fighter-heavy party might have some difficulty.

His main attack is a large, electrical explosion. Fortunately, you can see it coming when some sparking circles show up under your characters' feet. When they Get away or you're going to take massive amounts of lightning damage. Once you learn how to avoid that attack, the wizard is a pushover--though it will take a while to drain his health.

After he's dead, talk to Princess Evangeline. Then talk to her again after she opens the north door. If you don't have room for her in your party right now, she'll go to the Inn of Aman'lu.

Onward and upward.


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