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Act 2 - Chapter 4: The Royal Caravan

Primary Tasks
* Locate the Caravan
* Find the Vai'kesh sanctuary
* Find the leader of the Vai'kesh

Secondary Quests
* Finala's Contempt
* Lothar's Innocence
* Amren's Vision

Before haring after the caravan, add Finala to your party and teleport to Eirulan and thence to the Kithraya Valley. Take Finala north into the Upper Kithraya Caverns and find the broken elevator. With Finala as the active character, click the broken mechanism and ride the elevator down into a Morden intelligence camp. Have Finala open the treasure chest to get a map to four hidden Morden towers.


Teleport to the Southern Greilyn Jungle and head west to the Abandoned Ruins. Finala will find a secret door inside the ruins and you can follow the path to an elevator that takes you up to a plateau with the first Morden tower. Destroy it as you did the towers in Act I.

Teleport to the Northern Greilyn Jungle and go to the impassable wall just north of the teleporter. You know, the one that's been bugging you since Act I, Chapter 3. Finala will find the secret entrance. Pass through and destroy three Morden towers. After the final tower is destroyed, Finala finds another map and an elevator gear. That's all you can do until Act III, so teleport back to Aman'lu and head south.

As you leave town, there's a house to the west where you can pick up a Lore book, Vol. 3: Downfall of the Manu Ostar. You can also talk to Alar'ithil, who is one of the later links in Lelani's MLM scheme. Enter the house to the east and talk to Eldoriath to start the Servant's Haunt quest. You can't continue it until you've completed A Dark Ohm, but might as well get it in the quest log.

Continue south and enter the Southern Vai'lutra Forest. Look for a burned-out farmstead to the east. You can get the Chant of Strength from inside the house. As you continue south, look for a set of steps back to the northwest. The house on top of the plateau has the Chant of Dexterity and Chant of Intelligence.

Further south, look for a narrow valley leading to a cul-de-sac to the east. This is Magrus' house, which you can't enter right now. Note it for later. A bit further down the trail, you can find a hollow tree off to the right (west). The button to raise the chest is on the east wall.

You'll soon reach the teleporter, which is for the Southern Vai'lutra Forest (North). Ah! Egregious apostrophes and contradicting directions! It must be a fantasy RPG! Anyway...just west of the Southern North teleporter is another mushroom circle.

These circles mean something special to Amren. Add him to your party, if necessary, and take him to the mushrooms. He'll have a vision. (That happens to lots of people when they have too many mushrooms.) Afterward, one of the mushrooms will be glowing. Click the mushroom to activate an elevator to a secret shrine.

This is the Shrine of Sight. Find the altar and have Amren click it to activate the shrine. You can also pick up a Lore book, Vol. 18: The Path of Sight. You may remember the mushroom circle in the Eastern Greilyn Jungle. At some point, take Amren to the Southern Greilyn Jungle teleporter and go northeast to that circle, which leads to the Shrine of Sight and contains Lore book, Vol. 17, The Path of Life.

For now, your quest continues south, over a bridge. Before crossing the bridge, go east into a little grotto to get the XP from killing a mini-boss and collect a nice haul. After crossing the bridge, look for a cave entrance to the west.


This is a Watery Cave and filled with level 24 mobs and a level 26 mini-boss. Defeat the monsters and then find a half-giant mushroom farmer named Magrus. Talk to him with Lothar in your party, and you'll find the thief who stole Roland's cloak. He'll flee to his house, but drop his key.

How conveeeeeenient!

Take a quick side-trip back north to Magrus' house, enter and beat Magrus down. He'll surrender and go back to town. Follow him, speak to Roland and Magrus at the inn and receive your reward for Lothar's Innocence.

Back to the main quest. The Watery Cave has two entrances/exits. Due east of the southern entrance is A Small Cave(tm) filled with mini-boss level mobs that drop a lot of loot. Be sure to stop in and pay them a visit during your tour.

Continue on the main path. You will soon reach what looks like a shrine, but is, in fact, the entrance to the Levreth Estate, which is underground. There's really not much you can do down there now, so pass it by and continue on your way. You'll reach your first objective: the caravan. Which is lying in pieces next to a teleporter (the Southern South one, in case you were wondering).


Talk to the wounded elf on the ground to update your journal, then continue on your way. Look for a plateau to the east not far beyond the wrecked caravan. There's a hollow tree with an elevator that drops you right on top of a mini-boss.

Back on the main path, you will soon enter the Vai'kesh Forest and find yourself at a set of gates. You can't get through, so turn left and follow the trail to the Vai'kesh sanctuary. You can choose to be nice to the guards at the door or pick a fight. Either way, they're eventually going to end up dead, so do as you please and enter the Sanctuary.

When you talk to the Prophet, he takes the Aegis of Death and runs away. Leaving you to slaughter his minions, but only after you start...


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