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Act 2 - Secondary Quests

#1: Tywlis' Broken Staff
* Intended level: 30
* Find the reagent Tywlis needs to repair her grandfather's staff

The reagent you need is a rainbow trinket. Keep an eye on your inventory, it's possible you will already have one or more by the time you reach Aman'lu the first time. If not, you can pick one up in the Snowbrook Valley in the Frigid Cave. The cave is to your left as you pass over the first bridge.

#2: A Dark Ohm
* Intended level: 26
* Observe the Vai'kesh during one of their rituals
* Return to mage Lyssanore in Aman'lu

Speak to Lyssanore (the potions/magic merchant in Aman'lu) to start this quest to learn a chant that allows you to speak with spirits. Once you reach the Vai'kesh Forest and are pursuing the Vai'kesh Prophet, you'll see a cutscene of the Prophet setting his minions on you right after emerging from the first Large Vai'kesh Cavern.

If you explore the cave from whence the Prophet's servants come, you'll find a door. Open the door, observe the ritual, then return to Lyassanore and she'll share the Chant of the Dead with you.

#3: Spirits of Aranna
* Intended level: 26
* Find the restless spirit in the Lost Valley of the Azunites
* Find the restless spirit in the Northern Greilyn Jungle
* Find the restless spirit in the Western Greilyn Jungle
* Find the restless spirit near the Eastern Greilyn Beach
* Find the restless spirit in the town of Eirulan
* Find the restless spirit in the Temple of Xeria
* Find the restless spirit in the Tranquil Cave
* Find the restless spirit in Snowbrook Haven
* Find the restless spirit in Arinth's Ravine
* Find the restless spirit in the Aman'lu Inn
* Find the restless spirit in the town of Aman'lu
* Find the restless spirit in the Garden of the Ancients
* Find the restless spirit in the Eastern Plain of Tears
* Find the restless spirit in the town of Kalrathia
* Find the restless spirit in the Mines of Kaderak
* Find the restless spirit in the Morden City of Darthrul
* Find the restless spirit below the town of Kalrathia
* Find the restless spirit in Zaramoth's Horns

Once you have the Chant of the Dead, you can speak to any one of these spirits to open the quest. There should always be an incantation shrine near the spirit, and the chant lasts 300 seconds (5 minutes) so there's always plenty of time to get from shrine to spirit. However, if there are enemies between the shrine and the spirit, you might want to clear them out first.

1. The spirit in the Lost Valley of the Azunites hangs out near the Cavern of the Phoenix at the southern end of the valley. There's a shrine right next to the ghost.

2. The Northern Greilyn Jungle spirit is in the Hak'u caves northwest of the Eirulan North Gate. There's a shrine in the caves.

3. There's a spirit and a shrine near the Hak'u usurper's house just west of the Western Greilyn Jungle teleporter.

4. The spirit on the Greilyn Beach path can be a bit difficult to reach. The easiest way to get there is to teleport to the Azunite Desert and then use the portal to get to the beach. Otherwise you teleport to the Kithraya Valley and then have to hack your way back through the Lower Kithraya Caverns to the beach. The incantation shrine is right there above the beach path, not far from the ghost.

5. The Eirulan spirit hangs out on the bridge leading past the Falls. The incantation shrine is near the bottom of the lift coming from the Eirulan Inn.

6. In the northernmost part of the Temple of Xeria, next to the incantation shrine, is a lever which opens a secret passage leading to the Cavern of Earth. The ghost is along a south hall just inside that secret entrance.

7. The tranquil cave is behind a waterfall south of the second Morden tower from Act I, chapter 3. The quickest way to reach it is to jump to the Northern Greilyn Jungle teleporter and head west. There's an incantation shrine just over the hills. From the shrine, run south and look for the waterfall on your right (west).

8. This spirit is in the Snowbrook Haven servant's quarters. When you first enter this area, you'll come to a large room with a lot of columns. At the northern end of the room, take the west door to find an incantation shrine. Then go through the east door, then south, then east again to find the spirit.

9. The Arinth's Ravine spirit is in the grotto where you fight the Knotted Shambler. The incantation shrine is in the Large Vai'kesh Cavern "next door".

10. There's a spirit on a balcony on the second floor of the Aman'lu Inn. The incantation shrine is in the northeast corner of the town.

11. To find the other Aman'lu spirit, enter Tywlis' basement and search for the hidden button. Take the elevator down and cross the bridge to the western hall. Search for another hidden switch, then use the nearby incantation shrine and take the secret passage down to the ghost.

12. While exploring the Azunite Burial Grounds, you'll find a large cavern with ice falling from the ceiling. There's a west path that leads out to a plateau of the Garden of the Ancients. The spirit is on the eastern peninsula of this plateau, the incantation shrine is to the west.

13. The spirit in the Eastern Plain of Tears is just past the teleporter. There is an incantation shrine a bit further to the northeast.

14. You'll find a spirit on the southwest corner of the Kalrathia battlements. The incantation shrine is just outside the North Gate.

15. Just past the Upper Mines of Kaderak (East) teleporter, go up the stairs to the west to find the room with the ghost. The incantation shrine is across the flying bridge to the east.

16. This spirit is in the town square of Darthrul. Use the incantation shrine in the District of the Crossbow, once you have access.

17. The spirit under Kalrathia is in the Agallan Trial area near the southern waterway. There's a shrine nearby to the east.

18. About halfway up Zaramoth's horns you'll find a large plateau with an incantation shrine up on a platform. The ghost is in the extreme southeast corner of the plateau.

#4: Viperclaw
* Intended level: 19
* Find a jagged arrowhead reagent and return it to Eumenidie in Aman'lu
* Find a griffon feather reagent and return it to Eumenidie in Aman'lu
* Find an onyx fragment reagent and return it to Eumenidie in Aman'lu

Talk to Eumenidie in Aman'lu to get this quest to make a reagent for bows/crossbows: the Viperclaw. Check your pockets regularly, as you might pick up one of the reagents without knowing it. Specifically, you can get:

* A jagged arrowhead in the southern portion of the swamp that is just north of Aman'lu.

* A griffon feather in Elen'lu Isles by following the flooded chamber to reach an island just north of your starting point.

* An onyx fragment from one of the many Small Vai'kesh Caves(tm) in the Vai'kesh Forest.

You can take the ingredients one-by-one to Eumenidie or save them and take them all at once. Either way, once you've given her all three, you'll get a viperclaw reagent.

#5: Arinth's Legendary Staff
* Intended level: 26
* Find the Focusing Stone
* Find the Jeweled Shaft
* Find the Carved Rod
* Return to Eolanda in the town of Aman'lu with the pieces of Arinth's Legendary Staff

Talk to Eolanda, who lives just north of the Aman'lu pet shop to start this quest. You'll need to complete the Dark Ohm quest first, so you can speak to ghosts. Once you have the Chant, you must find three Ancient Elven Reliquaries where spirits guard the pieces of Arinth's staff.

* The Focusing Stone is in a Reliquary below Isteru's Caves. Teleport to the Western Cliffs of Azunai and go east then south into the caverns and find the ruins in the southwest corner. Go up the stairs and find the shrine, incant, the take the elevator down to the Reliquary. The switch for the elevator is a button hidden on the steps next to the elevator.

* The Carved Rod is in a Reliquary in the Northern Vai'lutra Forest. Head north from the Aman'lu hills until you find the incantation shrine where the path turns east. Incant the Chant of the Dead, then go north and look for a ramp leading down to a cul-de-sac. You'll find the elevator going down to the Reliquary in the cul-de-sac.

* The Jeweled Shaft can be found in the Snowbrook Valley. From the Valley teleporter, after crossing the bridge, go north and find a set of stairs leading down. Go use the incantation shrine to the west, then go down these stairs and down into the Reliquary using the elevator next to the river.

Once you have all three pieces of the rod, return to Eolanda in Aman'lu to finish this quest.

#6: Arinth the Mad
* Intended level: 26
* Track down Arinth
* Defeat Arinth

After remaking Arinth's Legendary Staff, return to Eirulan and teleport to the Lost Valley of the Azunites. East of the teleporter, search for an elevator--the switch is hidden on the north wall of the ruins. Ride the elevator down to Some Lost Elven Ruins.

The room in which you arrive has a single door on the north side. In the next room, search for a hidden switch on the wall opposite the door (north wall), to open a door to the south.

In the newly revealed room, there's another hidden switch on the wall near the door. This opens another room to the south. The hidden switch in this new room is also near the door. This opens a room to the east. Find the hidden switch in this room along the south wall.

   _|  |_
  |    A |
  |_    _|
   _|  |_
  |      |__
  |  S      |
  |       __|
   |    B|
   |     |____
   |          |
   |          |               ___
   |______2___|              |   |___
         |   C|______________|       |
         |            |              |
         |           3|             4|
         |____________|______D       |
                             |    ___|

S) Start
A) Switch opens door #1
B) Switch opens door #2
C) Switch opens door #3
D) Switch opens door #4

You'll now be able to go down some stairs to the east, eventually arriving at an Elven Prison, where you find Arinth the Mad. Have your combat mage equip Arinth's Staff and use it to break the central pillar in Arinth's cell wall. Arinth will flee to the Temple of Istauru & Isteru in the Northern Vai'lutra Forest.

Summon a teleporter back to Eirulan, jump to Aman'lu and thence to the Elen'lu Isles. Enter the ruined temple and have it out with Arinth. You don't have to use his staff against him, he's vulnerable to normal attacks.

In addition to some tasty loot, defeating Arinth gives all your characters two bonus skill points. That was worth the trouble, right? Return to Eolanda and tell her you killed Arinth and you'll get even more filthy lucre. Ain't this a great game?

#7: Mythrilhorn
* Intended level: 33
* Find Khartos the Wise
* Defeat Khartos the Wise in a duel
* Go to the rift site
* Cover Khartos while he captures the mythrilhorn
* Remind Khartos to send the mythrilhorn back to pet seller Galeron in Aman'lu
* Speak to pet seller Galeron in Aman'lu

This quest will open another pet for you; but, you can't even really get going on it until Act III. Talk to the pet seller in Aman'lu about special beasts to open this quest. Once you reach Kalrathia, find Khartos the "Strong" as he now calls himself, drinking himself to death in the tavern.

Sober him up by beating on him for a bit and he'll head off to the rift site to summon a mythrilhorn. When you reach the Northern Plain of Tears teleporter, look to the right to find a path going down to the northeast. This leads to Khartos' Rift Site and you fight Durvla while Khartos summons a mythrilhorn.

Once you're done, talk to Khartos, then return to the pet seller in Aman'lu to buy a mythrilhorn.

#8: A Family Heirloom, Part II
* Intended level: 26
* Locate the demon
* Destroy the demon
* Speak with Athelas

If you completed A Family Heirloom in Act I, (and, if you kept the sword, you have it in your Inventory), you can talk to Athelas in the Aman'lu Inn to start this quest. Once you reach the Vai'kesh Forest and are pursuing the Vai'kesh Prophet, you can find a Vai'kesh Prison.

After leaving the first Large Vai'kesh Cavern, turn south to enter the prison and talk to Athelas. If you kept the heirloom sword, equip it to one of your characters and break open the demon's cage. Kill the demon. (You don't need to use the sword on the demon, just the cage.) Talk to Athelas afterward for your reward.

#9: Lothar's Innocence
* Intended level: 24
* Find Roland's golden cloak
* Find Magrus
* Defeat Magrus
* Return to Roland in Aman'lu

With Lothar in your party, speak to Roland at the Aman'lu Inn to begin this quest. While exploring the Southern Vai'lutra Forest, look for a Watery Cave along the west side of the path, not far past the North teleporter. Enter the cave, kill the mobs and find Magrus--a half-giant farming mushrooms. Speak to him and he'll flee, dropping his house key.

Follow him to his house, which is north of the Watery Cave, in a little grove to the east of the path. Defeat him in battle and he will go to Roland and confess his crime. Return to Aman'lu and speak to Roland and Magrus at the Inn to conclude the quest.

#10: Deru's Treasure Hunt
* Intended level: 19
* Find the explore the location identified on the map given to Deru by the Elven prospector
* Find and explore the location identified by Razka's Riddle
* Find and explore the location identified by Razka's Second Riddle

In Aman'lu, find an old prospector on a small plateau southeast of the pet shop. With Deru in your party, speak to the old man to begin the quest. The map you are given shows Razka's Ruins in the Southern Greilyn Jungle. Take Deru to the Southern Greilyn Jungle teleporter and down into Razka's Ruins.

Have her open the treasure chest inside to get another riddle that points to the Frozen Cave in Arinth's Ravine. Go to Aman'lu and thence to either Arinth's Ravine teleporter and head for the Frozen Cave, which is midway through the ravine on the south side. When Deru opens the treasure chest in the cave, you'll receive a second riddle that points to the Plain of Tears.

When you reach Kalrathia, head north from the city and look for a path downward to a lower plateau to the east. At the east end of the plateau, walk into the water to reveal the hidden Magical Oasis. Deru can open the treasure chest beyond the door and complete her quest.

#11: Mark of the Assassin
* Intended level: 35
* Pick up the intriguing stone
* Encounter the assassin
* Speak to Danadel
* Investigate the Liantir Stone in the town of Kalrathia
* Bring a Dwarven mythril ring to Enchantress Valeria in Kalrathia
* Find Merchant Kendril
* Defeat the assassin

In Aman'lu, in the abandoned house just southwest of the pet shop, pick up the bling-bling on the table to get yourself assassinated. Well, almost. After Danadel helps you recover, he'll tell you all about the Liantir Stone you just picked up and where to go to find out more about it.

When you reach Kalrathia at the beginning of Act III, enter the magic shop and speak to Enchantress Valeria to continue the quest. Valeria needs a mythril ring to enchant that will enable you to see the assassin who has marked you.

When you reach the Upper Mines of Kaderak, right after the cutscene that starts chapter 5, go up the stairs to the south and through the first door. Pull the lever on the south wall to open the secret room that has the Dwarven Mytrhil Ring.

Take the ring back to Valeria in Kalrathia. Equip the new ring she gives you, then go to the room behind the Innkeeper. Talk to Merchant Kendril to force the assassin to appear. Kill him and collect his Deathblades as a reward. You can also get a small reward by speaking to Kendril again.

#12: The Aman'lu Arena
* Intended level: 19
* Defeat the first wave of combatants
* Defeat the second wave of combatants
* Defeat the third wave of combatants
* Defeat the fourth wave of combatants
* Defeat the fifth wave of combatants
* Defeat the sixth wave of combatants
* Defeat the seventh wave of combatants
* Defeat the eighth wave of combatants
* Defeat the ninth wave of combatants
* Defeat the Arena Masters

Speak with the barkeep at the Aman'lu Inn and deny all the great things he's heard about you. He'll challenge you to test your skills out in an arena. Go behind the bar, through the door, down the elevator and talk to the barkeep's assistant. He'll let you through a door that leads down a long, spiral staircase to the arena.

Speak with Daesthai to open the Aman'lu Arena quest and learn the rules of the game. Basically, you pay for a token, place that token on the pedestal in the center of the arena, the arena floor drops and some monsters come spewing forth. Defeat them, then click the Forfeit Lever to raise the arena. (Yes, you use the "forfeit" lever to raise the arena--sort of like using the Start button to Stop Windows.)

Defeating the monsters earns you a key. The keys you earn open doors to treasure rooms around the arena. There are ten rounds in all. You do not have to use the keys immediately. You can even wait until you're near the end of the game before opening the treasure rooms. Since the treasure dropped depends on your level, you'll get better stuff that way.

One last note, the Aman'lu Arena is a natural item farm. You can win all ten rounds, save your game, then start opening treasure rooms. If you don't like what you get, you just reload and it's only a short trip back to the arena and you start opening doors again.

Finally, for defeating all ten rounds of the Arena, you get two bonus skill points for each character, the Mysterious Token (part of the Mysterious Mystery Quest) and you can then purchase the light naiad pet from Daesthai.

The rounds are:

Round Cost Mobs (quantity x level)
1 1,000 1x24 and 2x22 monsters
2 1,500 1x26 and 3x24 (the 24th level mobs are summoners)
3 2,000 1x28 and 4x26
4 3,000 1x30 and 4x28
5 4,000 5x33
6 6,000 1x38, 4x36
7 8,000 1x34, 6x37
8 12,000 1x39, 7x37
9 16,000 1x40, 10x39
10 25,000 2x40, 10x37

#13: A Servant's Haunt
* Intended level: 26
* Enter the Levreth Estate
* Learn the Chant of the Dead
* Speak with the ghost of Threnith Wilwarin
* Follow the ghost of Threnith Wilwarin and look for clues
* Find the jewels of the Levreth Estate
* Bring the proof of Threnith's innocence back to Eldoriath Wilwarin in the town of Aman'lu

Speak to Eldoriath in his house just past the south bridge out of Aman'lu. Once you have the Chant of the Dead, go to the Southern Vai'lutra Forest (South) teleporter, which is the one next to the destroyed royal caravan. Use the incantation shrine on the hill behind the teleporter to incant the Chant of the Dead, then go east to the entrance to the Levreth Estate, which looks like a kind of shrine with an elevator in the middle.

At the bottom of the double elevators, speak to the ghost of Threnith. He'll unlock the south door for you. Go in the room and pick up the portrait of Lady Levreth. Speak to Threnith again and he'll open another door for you. Continue collecting clues and talking to Threnith until you have the lock of golden hair, a burned letter and the family jewels.

Return to Eldoriath to finish this quest.

#14: A Servant's Haunt, Part II
* Intended level: 26
* Confront Lady Levreth in the town of Eirulan
* Confront Wethril the Guardian Commander in the town of Aman'lu
* Defeat Wethril the Guardian Commander
* Speak to Celeb'hel the Elder in Aman'lu's Alt'orn Hall about Wehtril's deception

After completing Part I, talk to Threnith (who is now in Eldoriath's house) to open this quest. Return to Eirulan and seek out Lady Levreth at the Inn. Push her on the subject of her husband's death and she'll confess and name the true killer: Guardian Commander Wethril in Aman'lu. Return to Aman'lu and confront Wethril, who is in Alt'orn Hall next to Celeb'hel. After killing him, talk to Celeb'hel to end this quest.

#15: Amren's Vision
* Intended level: 19
* Find and explore the first location in Amren's vision
* Find and explore the second location in Amren's vision
* Find and explore the third location in Amren's vision
* Find and explore the fourth location in Amren's vision
* Investigate the portal in Amren's vision

Throughout your travels, you will find some mushrooms growing in large circles. Obviously, natural mushrooms do not grow in exact circles. Take Amren with you to one of these circles and he'll have a vision. Talk to him afterward to open this quest.

Visit each of the four circles with Amren in your party and have him activate the proper (glowing) mushroom to take you to four different shrines. Let Amren activate the statue in each shrine. When you visit the shrines, you can also pick up a Lore book in each one.

The four mushroom circles are:

1. Eastern Greilyn Jungle, on a north-pointing promontory just east of Razka's Ruins. Use the Southern Greilyn Jungle teleporter to get there. This is the Shrine of Life, and has Vol. 17, The Path of Life.

2. Southern Vai'lutra Forest, just west of the North teleporter. This is the Shrine of Sight, and has Vol. 18, The Path of Sight.

3. North of the Garden of the Ancients (South) teleporter. This is the Shrine of Death, and has Vol. 19, The Path of Death.

4. West of the Ruins of Okaym teleporter, a little north of the main path. This is the Shrine of Blindness, and has Vol. 20, The Path of Blindness.

Once you have activated the statue in each shrine, a portal opens to a fifth shrine. In this one is the end-of-quest treasaure chest Amren must open and it yields the Virtuous Rebellion longbow, amongst other goodies. Once you're done salivating over your swag, take the portal from the fifth shrine back to any one of the other four.

#16: Finala's Contempt
* Intended level: 22
* Explore the hidden Morden intelligence camp
* Find and burn down the first hidden Morden tower
* Find and burn down the second hidden Morden tower
* Find and burn down the third hidden Morden tower
* Find and burn down the fourth hidden Morden tower
* Locate and destroy the hidden Durvla hatchery
* Find and explore the second Morden intelligence camp

Initiate this quest by taking Finala to the broken elevator in the Upper Kithraya Caverns. With Finala as the active character, click the broken mechanism and ride the elevator down into a Morden intelligence camp. Have Finala open the treasure chest to get a map to four hidden Morden towers.

Teleport to the Southern Greilyn Jungle and head west to the Abandoned Ruins. Finala will find a secret door inside the ruins and you can follow the path to an elevator that takes you up to a plateau with the first Morden tower. Destroy it as you did the towers in Act I.

Teleport to the Northern Greilyn Jungle and go to the impassable wall just north of the teleporter. Finala will find the secret entrance. Pass through and destroy three Morden towers. After the final tower is destroyed, Finala finds another map and an elevator gear.

When you reach the Morden city of Darthrul in Act III, Chapter 2, take Finala down the east path from the town square. She'll find the hidden entrance to the Durvla Hatchery. Clear out the mobs, then blow open the cage by shooting the explosive, spiked container next to it. Finala can loot the chest to find a Morden Wrench, which will come in handy for fixing elevators.

When you reach the Southern Desert of Kaderak (Act III, Chapter 4), take the north path past the entrance to the mines and follow it until you find an elevator on a small hill. Finala will fix the elevator, and you can clear out the intelligence camp and loot the chest to end the quest.

#17: Rahvan's Curse
* Intended level: 28
* Find Letiso the lich
* Defeat Letiso the lich
* Return Champion Rahvan's soulstone

Show Champion Rahvan the four Death Masks to gain entrance to the Azunite Burial Grounds. Follow up with him about his memories coming back and he'll ask you to find and destroy the lich that killed him and enslaved his spirit. He'll give you a chant (Letiso) to use to find the lich's secret tomb.

When you get to the lower Azunite Catacombs, the path will soon split. Take the south path to find a shrine. Clear it out, then stand on the purple tree symbol on the east side of the room. Incant the Letiso chant and the door to the lich's tomb will open.

Kill the lich, then return to Rahvan to conclude the quest.

#18: Evangeline's Folly
* Intended level: 28
* Seek Jessic and the soldiers in the Vai'kesh stronghold
* Seek Jessic in the second Vai'kesh stronghold
* Seek Jessic in the third Vai'kesh stronghold

Add Princess Evangeline (Eva) to your party and equip her appropriately. Teleport to the Southern Vai'lutra Forest (South) teleporter and talk to the wounded caravan guard. He'll open Evangeline's Folly quest.

Teleport to the Western End of Arinth's Ravine. Follow the main path west until you reach a bridge. Before the bridge, turn left (west) and go along the edge of the chasm to reach a small cave. You'll be able to get through the locked door and pick a fight with the Vai'kesh in the room and the room beyond, which contains the jailor, who is mini-boss level. After killing all the Vai'kesh, speak with Eva's soldier in the jail cell.

The next cavern in your quest is along the north side of Arinth's Ravine, so hoof it back the way you came and fight your way along the ravine to the large cavern on the north side. Enter the cave, find the door and repeat the process of killing the jailor and talking to the soldier.

The third, and final, cave is further along the ravine, so head east. When you get to the second bridge, instead of crossing, continue east to find the entrance to the cave. Enter, kill the jailor and talk to Jessic to end the quest.


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