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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
X-Box, PC

Developer: Starbreeze AB
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.
Rated: "M" for Mature

Strategy Guide & Walkthrough
written by JPaterson



Butcher Bay, the deadliest prison in the galaxy. Nobody’s ever escaped. But they haven’t met me.

In The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, you take on the role of Richard B. Riddick, the anti-hero who was first introduced in the 1999 film Pitch Black, and the recently released The Chronicles of Riddick.

The game opens with you being transported to Butcher Bay, the deadliest and most notorious prison in the known galaxy. Johns, the man who captured you, hands you off to the guards. After a strange dream, you are escorted to your cell, where your journey begins. You must make your way through the prison complex, going from the normal area, to the double max, to the triple max security detention area, and eventually to the corporate offices. Your goal is to escape from the prison. Alive, if possible.

You’ll have a variety of weapons at your disposal, including the standard Assault Rifle and Shotgun. You also gain access to lethal melee weapons, including a shiv, a screwdriver, a scalpel and a club.

The voiceover cast is performed by some well known people, including Vin Diesel (from Pitch Black), Xzibit (rap artist), Dwight Schultz (‘Murdock’ from TV’s The A-Team), Ron Perlman (star of several movies), and Cole Hauser (who reprises his role from Pitch Black).

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Note from Editor: This Featured Guide was originally written for the X-Box version of the game. No changes have been made to the guide to reflect the new level or other minor additions by the PC version. Please be aware that while the majority of the game will play the same, you may encounter some new enemies or content that we do not cover in this guide.

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