Tips & Tricks

This is a collection of hints you might not be aware of when working with CoSMOS. This topic will be expanded in the future so it's always a good idea to check if there is something new.

Open in a new tab:

Nearly all times you trigger an action which leads to do something with another tab, you can hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard while performing this action to open another instance.
For example if you are in the scanner hold down shift and click on 'Browse in dump' to open a new tab with a new memory viewer instead of using an existing memory viewer.

Timed Events:

On specific holidays CoSMOS performs timed events. You might be one of those who aren't enjoyed by this.
You can disable the timed events in the settings file. Under [Misc] create a new entry:

Welcome Page:

To disable the welcome page switch from Beginner experience level to anything else and it will not appear on launch anymore.

Default Workspace:

You can define a default workspace (if created). Under [Misc] in settings file create a new entry and insert your workspace name you want to load:
DefaultWorkspace=___your workspace name here___

Hide processes from the process/window selection:

Create a new text file in cosmos directory named
Add process names or even path to exclude. If you add a path it also includes all sub directory.

Portable version:

While there is no official portable version, technically CoSMOS can be used as portable version already since version 3.0 it does not store any information in registry.
The only thing that the installer does is ngen the Devexpress libraries and registering .cosmos file extension.
You are free to use any inno setup unpacker and ngen the files yourself.

Reset Column Sorting:

You may have noticed if you click on a column header it enables sorting and if you press again it only switches between ascending sort and descending sort.
If you however hold down the CTRL key and click on the column it will reset the sorting.