Disney Infinity 3.0 Review
 CHEATfactor Game Review by:  Joe Sinicki Reviewed on: PC 

Welcome to our CHEATfactor Game Review of Disney Infinity 3.0. We review the game and then factor in how the available cheats affect the overall game experience. For better or worse, our reviews will help you decide whether or not to use cheats when playing the game.

Don't let the marketing and package fool you, though Disney Infinity 3.0 may look like it's for kids it's marketed to one person - me, at least that's the realization that I've come to. Oh you like Disney? What about Marvel? Star Wars? Here's a game that let's you mic the three worlds together in ways that you've only dreamed before. Surprisingly though, Disney Infinity 3.0 is also the first time the franchise has really followed through on it's core promises and delivered a title that's not only interesting in concept but sturdy in mechanics. After a lack-luster year and a lot of unfulfilled promises Disney Infinity has finally brought us the game we've been waiting three years for; even if it is still a cash grab.

...knows it's source material and knows how to cater to them.
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If you've played either of the previous two Disney Infinity games you'll know the gist of this one. Collectible figures plug in to a base that brings them in to the game world. The first game was strictly Disney, the second brought in Marvel and this third one focuses mainly on Star Wars. Figures from the previous two games still work here and that's really the main draw here. I'll admit that I might have gotten a bit too excited the first time I had Captain America flying the Millenium Falcon or Boba Fett hanging out with Donald Duck but as a guy who grew up loving each of these three franchises you've got to appreciate the amount of fan service on display here. Oh and there's a lot of it too, from the power discs to the little touches throughout the game, Disney Infinity knows it's source material and knows how to cater to them.

Of course, all of that fan service comes with a price and it seems like that price keeps growing with each title released in the franchise. Each figure is around $14 and you'll need extra playsets for $34.99 if you don't just want to play around in the world builder or the Star Wars: Rebels playset that comes packed with the game itself. There are also power discs that add to your game for $10 a pack (though this year they're not blind buy so you'll at least know what you're getting). Luckily the base PC game is a free download and most of the stuff carries over but you're still going to be shelling out a lot of money if you want the full experience (or your kids do). The offerings this year seem a bit slim compared to the previous iterations too. The two previous years the base game came with three figures and a few extras but this year we only get the two unless you buy the bega mega PS4 pack that comes with an extra figure. There's also only one extra plates so a lot of fans are stuck waiting for more content.

That's not to say though that there's not much to do here in Disney Infinity 3.0, in fact that's never been farther from the truth. Disney Infinity 3.0's toy box mode is easily the most in-depth the mode has ever been and it's a lot of fun. If you're new to the series the Toy Box mode is where you're allowed to let your imagination run wild. You can bring all of your purchased content together with everything you've unlocked and create some pretty cool worlds. I'm not talented enough to create much more than a mess of a world but there's some pretty cool stuff out there that people are creating. It's really never been easier either to create in Disney Infinity since 3.0 comes packed with a ton of great tools that help make everything very simple. The fan service shows through here mostly and try not to get giddy as you have Yoda and The Hulk hanging out on the Disneyland Carousel.

...feels like an actual playable game.
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The real achievement though is that for what might be the first time in the series the campaign of Disney Infinity feels like an actual playable game. While the two earlier games in the series had simple objectives and mundane gameplay, the third game in the series actually attempts to be different. I may catch some flack for this but the small section of the game's opening where I'm fighting with my lightsaber and then flying the millennium falcon away from imperial ships was likely the best Star Wars game I've played since the original KOTOR. The Twilight of the Republic playset is similarly fun if not simple. You play as either Anakin or Ahsoka from the Star Wars cartoon series and the lightsaber combat is surprisingly fun and responsive. It's still made so the younger gamers can jump right in but I had a lot of fun playing regardless. The only other plates that's readily available is the one based on the fantastic Pixar movie Inside Out and it's not quite as good and it harkens back to the days where every movie got a licensed game though it does have it's moments and I'm a sucker for Lewis Black's Anger character.

I also continue to be impressed at just how cool the Disney Infinity figures are. The cool hand drawn style continues and the figures have never looked better. The Star Wars characters have mostly already been given similar cartoon treatment so they're not quite as flashy as the ones that have come before but they're fun nonetheless. I haven't found one yet that replaces my favorite figure's sculpt yet - the Incredible Hulk but I have my eye on the Han Solo and Chewbacca figures, which would end up on my shelf even if I didn't own the game. Hey, what can I say, I'm a sucker a smuggler.

Disney Infinity 3.0 won't change the world but it might just surprise a few people with how much fun it is. It's still best if you're playing with a kid and letting them do most of the exploring but Disney Infinity 3.0 is still a lot of fun if you're a fan of the source material. Just be warned that it's definitely still a cash grab and that to truly experience the game you're going to have to pay, even if the game does a better job this year at not beging for your money at every turn.

Overall:  7/10 Presentation: 7 Gameplay: 7 
Lasting Appeal: 8 CHEATfactor: 0 

As of this writing there are no cheats available for Disney Infinity 3.0 but like the previous games I'd love to see a cheat to unlock all of the building materials right away.

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