Super Chibi Knight Review
 CHEATfactor Game Review by:  Joe Sinicki Reviewed on: PC 

Welcome to our CHEATfactor Game Review of Super Chibi Knight. We review the game and then factor in how the available cheats affect the overall game experience. For better or worse, our reviews will help you decide whether or not to use cheats when playing the game.

I'm going to level with you for a bit; if you don't crack a smile while playing Super Chibi Knight you may not have a soul. It's Don't let that cuteness fool you though; there's some serious depth hidden behind the adorable exterior. It'll bring back your favorite memories of running through Hyrule in games like Zelda II and other fantastic eight and sixteen bit adventure games. It may not risk too much or strike our from the ordinary but that's ok when it's this good at what it tries to do. ranks pretty high on the cuteness scale...
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The first thing you'll likely notice about Super Chibi Knight is that it ranks pretty high on the cuteness scale (that scale goes from "ewww" to "d'aww"). You play as a simple girl from the kingdom of Oukoko who just kind of decides that she wants to defeat the evil General Tso as he threatens the world. It may seem a bit vague but it's kind of refreshing that there's no real tragic backstory here. No burning villages, no killed family...she just wants to stop him. Easy enough right? What really makes Super Chibi Knight unique though is just who made it. The game comes from a father, daughter duo, the latter of which voices the game's main character. She gives the game a very personable and almost endearing feeling that you won't get from most other similar retro games.

It isn't all gumdrops and sweetness though as Super Chibi Knight packs some seriously surprising depth to it's classic RPG mechanics. It's most similar to Zelda II in terms of tone and style, but don't worry, those who haven't experienced the classic won't be behind if they just jump into Super Chibi Knight (but seriously, go play Zelda II). You start the game off pretty weak and outclassed by almost everything. That changes almost immediately though as you're quickly thrown into quest upon quest and exploring new areas to level up quickly. The game does a great job at explaining it's mechanics to newcomers to the genre so even the younger gamers should be able to catch on and move through the game pretty quickly. That's one of the things I loved most about Super Chibi Knight, in an industry that seems intent on keeping learning curves high, here's a game that invites even the newest players into the foray.

While the average Super Chibi Knight play through will likely only take you three or four hours to complete there's plenty of reason to jump back in after you've already finished. The game is full of side quests and choices you can make that will greatly effect what you see, collect and how your game plays out. The biggest choice you'll have is which discipline to follow; either a sorcerer or a Beast-Master. Sorcery is what you'd expect, being able to conjure up spells that greatly effect your abilities while playing as a Beast-Master let's you conjure up giant beasts to take out your foe with. It's important to note that the game didn't make it 100% clear when I was making this choice that I wasn't able to think about it - my choice was my choice; like it or not.

Both disciplines have their advantages...
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Both disciplines have their advantages but having played through a few different playthroughs on both it's clear that they were not created equal. Beast-Master is the most dynamic of the two, allowing you to blaze through levels and take out even the toughest enemies and bosses with little difficulty. Becoming a sorcerer may not be as flashy as summoning up a dragon but it the more traditional RPG path and it's also the more engaging. It actually takes some skill to get through some of the game's tougher sections with a lower level sorcerer. You'll have to know how to maximize the potential of each of your spells and use them to your advantage at each opportunity. It's a bit harder, especially when the game has it's few random difficulty spikes that are sure to challenge the younger kids playing the game. Still though, playing as a Sorcerer was by far more satisfying than doing so as a Beast-Master.

Combat in Super Chibi Knight is on the simple side more than anything else. The hero can swing her sword in a number of different styles and you'll level up to new attacks and new armor as you progress through the game but much like the rest of Super Chibi Knight, there's a surprising amount of depth here. Enemy patterns vary based on location and type and you'll have to address each one correctly to move through them. I had a lot of fun learning how to combine my attacks and juggle enemies.

I don't have kids yet, but if I did this would be the type of game I would want them to play. It's cute, fun and most importantly friendly to new users who are looking to get into the genre. The game may have it's share of uneven difficulty spikes but they're few and far between as the rest of the game is accessible. Super Chibi Knight is that rare game that honors the past but doesn't use it as a crutch and it could be a sleeper hit as a result.

Overall:  7/10 Presentation: 7 Gameplay: 7 
Lasting Appeal: 6 CHEATfactor: 0 

As of this writing there are no known cheats available for Super Chibi Knight.

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