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May 03, 2005
Radio frequencies:
These give you accses to the healing radio whitch help recharge your stamina.


To get out of the prison cell quickly without using the fake death pill use 144.75 on the codec to open the door.

Beat The Fear:

Equip the thermal goggles and corner yourself, then wait for him and shoot him with your shotgun.
(supplied by: Yaslana)

Beat The End:

Its no different use the thermal goggles to track him. Follow him and shoot him with the shotgun or sniper rifle for distance shots. Dont try to use claymors though, have had little success with them in boss battles except for the FURY.
(supplied by: Yaslana)

Beat The Sorrow:

Die then use revival pill.
(supplied by: Yaslana)

Beat Vulgan:

Use the shotgun quik equip, wait for him to do the lightning thing then shoot him in the back or from the side.
(supplied by: Yaslana)

Beat The Boss:

Use your knife wait for her to attack you then hit her with it to knock her down, get behind her then do it agian. It also helps if you have life medicine for this battle.
(supplied by: Yaslana)

Kill The End easy:

Before you reach the warehouse take a left of the river section and pick up the dragonety. Continue To the warehouse. After the cut scene quickly equip the sniper rifle and shot The End in the head. The End's sniper boss section no longer happens however and you don't get his rifle or his camo so it your choice.
(supplied by: biggy3326)

There are no cheats for this game but here are some strategies for making it easier:

Watch your camo index, the better you are at hiding the easier you can move around.

Use your knife to slit throats as much as possible.

Tranq your enimies, drag them to a safe area then finish them off.

If you get surrounded equip thermogoggles then use a few stun grenades to stun your enemies and blind them.

Periodically throw away old food or you will use up alot of medicine healing yourself. or keep it for boss battles and drop it for them to eat.

Use your summersault technique when evading dogs or guards, especially the ones with the shields. Just roll into them.

Use claymores to block entrence ways or when there are alot of ennemies near, just be careful where you put them so you dont blow yourself up.

If you want to use stealth to beat the game, become proficcient in cutting them to ribbons and tranquilizing.

Use the silencers spairingly, usually in high alert places like Grasni Grad.

Dont hesitate to shoot the damn dogs with a silenced weapon, they are far more dangerouse in some areas then guards especialy in your sneek suit.

Grenades are a good distraction, throw them in an area opposite of where you want to go to draw your enemies away, same with the TNT.

Personally I think the knife is the most powerfull weapon in the game. 2 reasons, you dont have to worry about running out of ammo and it is silent and just as affective as shooting someone.

With the RPG use the quick equip index to refill rapidly, just equip and unequip to refill.

The shotgun is good for clearing mass quantities of bad guys. Dont use in the room where you are planting the c3 though.

The sniper Rifle is good for the end when you are being chesed, and for distance shots on the cliffs. But it is loud and will give away your position if there are more then one enemy near by.

Use single burst or single shot with ak-47 and other auto fire weapons to conserve ammo and for better accuracy.

Lockers can be opened (most of them) so dont bash all of them, they make good hiding spots.
(supplied by: Yaslana)

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