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September 26, 2005
Access All Planets:
Go to "Historical Campaign" mode (in single player). Select the Era you want to play (Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War). You should now be on the Planet Selection screen. Now press: X, Y, X, Y. You can now scroll left and right through all the planets.

Blaster Rifle Head Shots:

The accuracy of the infantry's blaster rifle decreases dramatically the longer you shoot. However, the first 3-4 shots will almost always be dead on target, making it a deadly snipe tool even over moderately long distances if you keep the bursts short. A great benefit that comes from sniping with the blaster rifle is the rapid fire which can give you up to three head shot points per kill if you're aim is on. For these reasons, selecting the sharpshooter is really only necessary for sniping over really long distances. On most battlefields though, the scope on the blaster rifle should suffice, also greatly improving your chances at close encounters.
(supplied by: danielclegg99)

Sniper spot:

Go to Bespin cloud city. Then pick the base at the bottom rigt cornner. Take a left and go on until you see an opening. Get down to the ground and you will have a great sniping area.
(supplied by: fronteir)

Midget Characters:

Create a new profile. Enter the title Jub Jub (case sensitive). The only thing that is cool about this cheat is that you are as tall as the ewoks on endor (so you get up-closes at them).
(supplied by: The Best Player of Star Wars: Battlefront)

Kill the enemy in Bespin Platforms on a massive scale:

At the beggining of the level do not try to take over the central neutral base. When enemy takes over the central base get into the anti-aircraft gun in your base. Aim it at the central base. Fire when you can see individual enemies, or fire at the entrance to the hallway connecting your base to the central base (there will be a massive battle there). This will blow the living crap out of your enemies. Do it. It works.
(supplied by: The Best Player of Star Wars: Battlefront)

The Best Way to Kill People In Dune Sea:

Get on a speeder bike. Get under the arch. Start shooting. All enemies will die with one shot (with the exception of wookies which take 2 shots).
(supplied by: The Best Player of Star Wars: Battlefront)

How to Sneak Around the Enemy at Yavin 4 Temple:

(This can only be done if you don't start at the temple) - Be a sniper. Get on a speeder bike as fast as possible (they will be taken quickly). Go up to the temple. There will be various paths that you cannot walk up, but can go up with a speeder bike. Go up one of the paths. You will be taken to the rooftop of the temple. Snipe out the enemy.
(supplied by: The Best Player of Star Wars: Battlefront)

Tip for Dune Sea Battles:

Do not kill tusken raiders unless the tusken raider(s) is harming you. The red bar at the top of your screen will not go down if you kill tuskens.
(supplied by: The Best Player of Star Wars: Battlefront)

Tip for Kamino Battles (as the CIS):

At the begining of the battle be a droideka. Take over the neutral bases around you.
(supplied by: The Best Player of Star Wars: Battlefront)

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