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1. Gladiator Easter Eggs
August 30, 2005
Chicken Run Trailer
If you sit through the end of the credits of the Hans Zimmer documentary on the second disc, you will find a Gladiator-inspired trailer for Chicken Run.

Hidden Footage
Go to the storybords menu on the extras disk select the Rhino story board. Once selected (storyboard shown) click up with your controler and hilight the rhino on the second board select it and a hidden menu with footage and other bits will appear.

DVD Production Credits
On the second disk, enter the [Cast & Crew] section. Select the Ridley Scott entry. [Right] aroow to the end of his entry, where it will appear that your only choice is to return to the [Cast & Crew] section. [Right] arrow once more and you will see a brief DVD production credit screen.

Insert the second disc and from the [Main Menu] select the [Chapters] menu entry. On the following menu screen select the [Credits] menu entry and watch the entire segment. Do not fast-forward or skip it. Once it has completed and you're back on the menu screen, highlight the [Credits] menu entry and then press the [Right] arrow key on your remote control. Now the coin in the lower right hand corner of the screen will be highlighted. Press [Enter] now and you will have the chance to see a 5-minute featurette of the filmmakers discussing plans for the movie's sequel, "Gladiator II".

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