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1.  MX Unleashed Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
April 21, 2009
500cc Bikes:
Enter BIGDOGS as a cheat code.

50cc Bikes:
Enter SQUIRRELDOG as a cheat code.

Unlock A.I Bowling:
Enter WRECKINGBALL as a cheat code.

100% Career Completed:
Enter CLAPPEDOUT as a cheat code.

Unlock Expert A.I:
Enter OBTGOFAST as a cheat code.

All Freestyle Tracks Unlocked:
Enter BUSTBIG as a cheat code.

All National Tracks Unlocked:
Enter ECONATION as a cheat code.

All Supercross Tracks Unlocked:
Enter STUPERCROSS as a cheat code.

All Machines Unlocked:
Enter MINIGAMES as a cheat code.

Unlock Pro Physics:
Enter SWAPPIN as a cheat code.
(supplied by: Dragons567)

2.  MX Unleashed Action Replay Codes, US
February 21, 2004
There are 117 codes for this game.

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

Store Codes

Infinite Cash
DE48FF5E C19E7B82

Unlock Machines

Dune Buggy
DE48803A BCA99B84

DE4880C6 BCA99B84

Monster Truck
DE4880C2 BCA99B84

Trophy Truck
DE4880CE BCA99B84

DE4880CA BCA99B84

Unlock Bike Class

50cc Bikes
DE488702 BCA99B84

500cc Bikes
DE48870E BCA99B84

Unlock Supercross Tracks

Los Angeles
DE48864A BCA99B84

DE488656 BCA99B84

San Diego
DE488652 BCA99B84

DE48865E BCA99B84

DE48865A BCA99B84

San Antonio
DE488666 BCA99B84

DE488662 BCA99B84

DE48866E BCA99B84

DE48866A BCA99B84

Las Vegas
DE488676 BCA99B84

DE488672 BCA99B84

DE48867E BCA99B84

DE48867A BCA99B84

DE488606 BCA99B84

DE488602 BCA99B84

DE48860E BCA99B84

DE48860A BCA99B84

DE488616 BCA99B84

DE488612 BCA99B84

DE48861E BCA99B84

Unlock National Tracks

Seneca Butte
DE488592 BCA99B84

DE48859E BCA99B84

Racine: Long
DE48859A BCA99B84

DE4885A6 BCA99B84

DE4885A2 BCA99B84

DE4885AE BCA99B84

Pine Bluff
DE4885AA BCA99B84

Slack Jaw
DE4885B6 BCA99B84

DE4885B2 BCA99B84

DE4885BE BCA99B84

Black Hills
DE4885BA BCA99B84

Rattlesnake Pass
DE488546 BCA99B84

DE488542 BCA99B84

Cedar Mills
DE48854E BCA99B84

Casa De Cobre
DE48854A BCA99B84

DE488556 BCA99B84

DE488552 BCA99B84

Signal Butte
DE48855E BCA99B84

Unlock Freestyle Tracks

Sierra Vista
DE4885DA BCA99B84

Ocotillo Wells
DE4885E6 BCA99B84

Smoke Ridge
DE4885E2 BCA99B84

Morenci Mines
DE4885EE BCA99B84

Ocotillo Wells

Hit Competition 1
DE488422 BCA99B84

Hit Competition 2
DE48842E BCA99B84

Hit Competition 3
DE48842A BCA99B84

Hit Competition 4
DE488436 BCA99B84

Hit Competition 5
DE488432 BCA99B84

Run Objective 1
DE48843E BCA99B84

Run Objective 2
DE48843A BCA99B84

Run Objective 3
DE4884C6 BCA99B84

Run Objective 4
DE4884C2 BCA99B84

Run Objective 5
DE4884CE BCA99B84

Stunt Objective
DE4884CA BCA99B84

Sierra Vista

Hit Competition 1
DE487B6A BCA99B84

Hit Competition 2
DE487B76 BCA99B84

Hit Competition 3
DE487B72 BCA99B84

Hit Competition 4
DE487B7E BCA99B84

Hit Competition 5
DE487B7A BCA99B84

Run Objective 1
DE487B06 BCA99B84

Run Objective 2
DE487B02 BCA99B84

Run Objective 3
DE487B0E BCA99B84

Run Objective 4
DE487B0A BCA99B84

Run Objective 5
DE487B16 BCA99B84

Stunt Objective
DE487B12 BCA99B84

Montauk Plains

Hit Competition 1
DE487AB2 BCA99B84

Hit Competition 2

Hit Competition 3

Hit Competition 4
DE487A46 BCA99B84

Hit Competition 5
DE487A42 BCA99B84

Run Objective 1
DE487A4E BCA99B84

Run Objective 2
DE487A4A BCA99B84

Run Objective 3
DE487A56 BCA99B84

Run Objective 4
DE487A52 BCA99B84

Run Objective 5
DE487A5E BCA99B84

Stunt Objective
DE487A5A BCA99B84

Smoke Ridge

Hit Competition 1
DE4879FA BCA99B84

Hit Competition 2
DE487986 BCA99B84

Hit Competition 3
DE487982 BCA99B84

Hit Competition 4
DE48798E BCA99B84

Hit Competition 5
DE48798A BCA99B84

Run Objective 1
DE487996 BCA99B84

Run Objective 2
DE487992 BCA99B84

Run Objective 3
DE48799E BCA99B84

Run Objective 4
DE48799A BCA99B84

Run Objective 5
DE4879A6 BCA99B84

Stunt Objective
DE4879A2 BCA99B84

Morenci Mines

Hit Competition 1
DE4879C2 BCA99B84

Hit Competition 2
DE4879CE BCA99B84

Hit Competition 3
DE4879CA BCA99B84

Hit Competition 4
DE4879D6 BCA99B84

Hit Competition 5
DE4879D2 BCA99B84

Run Objective 1
DE4879DE BCA99B84

Run Objective 2
DE4879DA BCA99B84

Run Objective 3
DE4879E6 BCA99B84

Run Objective 4
DE4879E2 BCA99B84

Run Objective 5
DE4879EE BCA99B84

Stunt Objective
DE4879EA BCA99B84

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