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1.  Pokemon Channel Action Replay Codes, EU
May 04, 2004
There are 3 codes for this game.


Infinite Cash

Open Lots of Channels

2.  Pokemon Channel Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
March 14, 2004
Here is a key that will tell you what my symbols stand for.

v = Viridian
c c = Cobalt Coast
m s = Mount Snowfall
s l = spring leaf
b = backyard
bs = Bus stop

Places inside a place:
camp = Camp star light located in Viridian
fish = Catch fishing at cobalt coast
rot = Ruins of truth located at Mt. snowfall (you have to get the notice about magnamite dropping the pichu bros. 5 disk around snowfall to go here.)

r = rainy
sun = sunny or clear
clo = Cloudy
snow = snowy

Time of day:
e m = Early morning (6:00-9:00 a.m.)
day = 9:01am-5:00 p.m.
s s = sun sets (5:00-6:00 p.m.)
ni = night(7:00pm till morning.) *certain pokemon might only be found by watching the news.

If you need to change the weather, prepare for a long time watching the weather channel! And it also has to have a weather condition in that spot; it won't be rainy in cobalt if it's rainy in spring leaf!

Here is an example: Celibi- e m, sun, s l.
The translation is: Celibi- Early morning, Sunny, Spring Leaf.
They will all go in this order: Pokemon, Time, Weather, Place.

There is probably different pokemon to see around midnight but I cant stay up that late to play! You might also see the pokemon at different times or weather but the place is absolutely correct!!

1. Bulbasaur - day, sun, bs
2. Charmander- day, sun, ms
3. Caterpie-ni, sun, v
4. Butterfree-day, clo, v
5. Pidgey- day, sun, v
6. Raichu- e m, sun, v
7. Clefairy-ni, sun, v
8. Vulpix-s s, sun, rot
9. Jigglypuff-day, sun, m s
10. Zubat- day, sun, rot
11. Oddish- day, r, b
12. Gloom- day, clo, v
13. Diglett- ni, sun, b
14. Dugtrio- e m, sun, b
15. Poliwag- fish
16. Machop- day, clo, v
17. Bellsprout- day, sun, v
18. Magnamite- day, clo, b
19. Shellder- fish
20. Cloyster- fish
21. Gengar-s s, clo, rot
22. Krabby- fish
23. Voltorb- day, sun, rot
24. Exeggcute- ni, clo, v
25. Exeggutor- day, sun, c c
26. Hitmonlee- day, sun, b s
27. Koffing- day, sun, rot
28. Weezing-day, sun, rot
29. Horsea- fish
30. Goldeen- fish
31. Staryu- fish
32. Mr. Mime- day, r, b s
33. Magikarp- fish
34. Lapras-ni, r, c c
35. Ditto- ni, sun, b s
36. Eevee- camp
37. Chikorita-s s, r, s l
38. Cyndiquill-day, sun, b s
39. Totodile- day, r, b s
40. Hoothoot- ni or s s, sun, rot
41. Ledyba- day, sun, b
42. Crobat- s s, clo, rot
43. Pichu- camp
44. Cleffa- ni, clo, v
45. Igglybuff- s s, r, c c
46. Togepi- day, sun, c c
47. Natu- day, clo, c c
48. Bellossom- day, sun, s l
49. Azumarill- camp
50. Hoppip-day, sun, b
51. Aipom- e m, sun, m s
52. Yanma- day, clo, b
53. Espeon- ni, sun, m s
54. Misdreavus- ni, sun, rot
55. Giraffarig- ni, r, c c. (found in cloudy days too)
56. Shuckle- day, r, c c
57. Teddiursa- camp
58. Swinub- day, sun, m s
59. Octillary- fish
60. Phanpy- day, clo, s l
70. Treecko- camp or day, clo, s l
71. Torchic- camp or day, sun, s l
72. Blazeiken- See News Channel
73. Mudkip- camp or day, r, s l
74. Wailmer- fish
75. Kecleon- ni, sun, m s
76. Azurill- day, r, c c
77. Wynaut- day, clo, s l
78. Duskull- ni, sun, s l
79. Volbeat- ni, sun, s l
80. Latias- e m, sun, c c (red)
81. Latios- ni, clo, c c (blue)
82. Beedrill- s s, r, v
83. Sudowoodo- s s, clo, m s
84. Dunsparce- ni, clo, m s

An odd object:

When pikachu broke open a crate something called wobbeffet spray was inside. When she sprayed it on her it shrunk her! Unfourtunly She went back to regular size after 8 minutes.

3.  Pokemon Channel Action Replay Codes, US
January 13, 2004
There are 3 codes for this game.

Press L+R+X-Tons Of Money

Press L+R+X-Have All Nice Cards

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