NCAA Final Four 2002 Cheats

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1. NCAA Final Four 2002 Action Replay Codes, US
September 10, 2003
There are 57 codes for this game.

ECB54868 1436B13C

HT Scores 200
4CB17968 1456E7DD

HT Scores 0
4CB17968 1456E7A5

HT Inf Time Outs
4CB1798C 1456E7A2

HT No Time Outs
4CB1798C 1456E7A5

AT Scores 200
4CB28284 1456E7DD
4CB28284 1456E7A5

AT Inf Time Outs
4CB28260 1456E7A2

AT No Time Outs
4CB28260 1456E7A5

More Time: Press L1+R1
DC957423 1437840D
4CB22420 1456E79F

End Quarter: Press L2+R2
DC957F23 1437840D
4CB22420 1456EBA5

Inf Creation Pts
3CBBE608 1456E788

HT Scored 200 Game1
3CBB8D0E 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game2
3CBB8D12 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game3
3CBB8D16 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game4
3CBB8D1A 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game5
3CBB8D1E 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game6
3CBB8D22 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game7
3CBB8C26 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game8
3CBB8C2A 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game9
3CBB8C2E 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game10
3CBB8C32 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game11
3CBB8C36 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game12
3CBB8C3A 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game13
3CBB8C3E 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game14
3CBB8C42 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game15
3CBB8C46 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game16
3CBB8C4A 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game17
3CBB8C4E 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game18
3CBB8C52 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game19
3CBB8C56 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game20
3CBB8C5A 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game21
3CBB8C5E 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game22
3CBB8C62 1456E7DD

HT Scored 200 Game23
3CBB8C66 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game1
3CBB8D14 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game2
3CBB8D18 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game3
3CBB8D1C 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game4
3CBB8D20 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game5
3CBB8D24 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game6
3CBB8C28 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game7
3CBB8C2C 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game8
3CBB8C30 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game9
3CBB8C34 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game10
3CBB8C38 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game11
3CBB8C3C 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game12
3CBB8C40 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game13
3CBB8C44 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game14
3CBB8C48 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game15
3CBB8C4C 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game16
3CBB8C50 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game17
3CBB8C54 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game18
3CBB8C58 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game19
3CBB8C5C 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game20
3CBB8C60 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game21
3CBB8C64 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game22
3CBB8C68 1456E7DD

AT Scored 200 Game23
3CBB8C6C 1456E7DD

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