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Ecco the Dolphin Cheats

PlayStation 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1. Ecco the Dolphin Action Replay Codes, US
May 28, 2003
There are 35 codes for this game.

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE8ED896 BCE19552

Enable All Levels
DEB6604E BBA89A82
DEB6604A BCA99B92

All Vitalit - Aquamarine Bay
FE564676 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Perils of Coral Reef
FE564671 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Trial Without Error
FE564670 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Four Ways of Mystery
FE564673 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Passage From Genesis
FE564672 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Pathways From Nowhere
FE56467D BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Up and Down
FE56467C BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Roaring Forces
FE56467F BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Atlantis Lost
FE56467E BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Shrine of Controversy
FE564679 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Master of Forgotten Skills
FE564678 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Process That Never Ends
FE56467B BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Blades In Motion
FE56467A BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Perpetual Fluidity
FE564604 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Obscure Ways To Terminus
FE564607 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Sleeping Forces of Doom
FE564606 BCA99B84

All Vitalit - Anguish of Dearth
FE564601 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Entrapment
FE564600 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Caverns of Hope
FE564603 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Lair of Evil
FE564602 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Powers of Levitation
FE56460D BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Hanging Waters
FE56460C BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Ice and Fire
FE56460F BCA99B84

All Vitalit - Abyss of Inferno
FE56460E BCA99B84

All Vitalit - Mutaclone
FE564609 BCA99B84

All Vitalit - Chance of Reckoning
FE564614 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Hatchery
FE564608 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Seeds of Poison
FE56460B BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Transfiguration
FE56460A BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - Heart of the Foe
FE564615 BCA99BA2

All Vitalit - All Levels
DE564676 DBC8BAA2
DE564672 DBC8BAA2
DE56467A DBC89BA2
DE564606 DBC8BA84
DE564602 BDC8BAA2
DE56460E DBC89C84

All Songs Learned
DE564632 BBA89A82

All Gifts
DE564626 BBA89A82

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1. FAQ (DC)
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FAQ/Walkthrough v1.22.
July 18, 2002
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PlayStation 2 Savegames

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We currently don't have any Ecco the Dolphin achievement or trophy lists for PlayStation 2. Please check back at a later date for more achievements and trophies to be added.

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