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1. MLB SlugFest 20-04 Action Replay Codes, US
May 24, 2003
There are 16 codes for this game.

 2 36NR-N331-538N8


R+Y Home Team Wins
 1 MYJB-PKM4-6Q1Q4
 3 WNXD-0RX9-G15F7

R+X Away Team Wins
 1 80ZU-D5GW-22URU
 2 FJBQ-1WBE-JA105
 3 MRZA-043N-5QYEH
 4 EX7F-MUD5-F5VN1

R+D-Pad Right 2 Strikes
 2 08G5-F1P3-YWC6Z

R+D-Pad Left 0 Strikes
 1 T2F0-55BT-JTF5T
 3 G879-PMJX-6R2NC

L+D-Pad Right 2 Outs
 2 D564-QKPW-A72GR
 3 5YM2-3P20-MMFMN

L+D-Pad Left 0 Outs
 1 56F1-9BWC-CB3MC
 3 YA2E-3YAW-08T7R

HT Infinite Turbo
 2 MF63-TM2D-CX8JQ

HT No Turbo
 2 4E4P-1H0W-J18UP

AT Infinite Turbo

AT No Turbo
 1 U63W-M3R8-23V93
 2 RDT9-7XWM-PX376

HT Always Have Sp. Pitch

HT Never Have Sp. Pitch
 1 806P-0Y3Y-3GUQV
 2 J36B-PQ28-U4DVW

AT Always Have Sp. Pitch
 1 48KR-Z08A-AV4FQ
 2 1E45-TQBR-ZCF69

AT Never Have Sp. Pitch
 2 08HC-1U05-364G7

2. MLB SlugFest 20-04 Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
March 29, 2003
Cheat codes:
At the match-up screen, press B, Y & X the indicated amount of times. Then press the d-pad as indicated. Example: 3-2-1 Down should be B, B, B, Y, Y, X, Down.

Extended Time For Codes3-0-3 Up
Cheats Disabled1-1-1 Down
Bone bat0-0-1 Up
Ice bat0-0-2 Up
Maximum speed0-0-3 Left
Maximum batting 3-0-0 Left
No fatigue3-4-3 Up
Maximum power0-3-0 Left
Little League mode1-0-1-Down
No contact mode4-3-3 Left
Unlimited turbo4-4-4 Down
Blade bat0-0-3 Up
Mace bat0-0-4 Left
Wiffle bat0-0-4 Right
Log bat0-0-4 Up
Spike bat0-0-5 Up
Softball2-4-2 Down
Rubber ball2-4-2 Up
Midway Park3-2-1 Down
Atlantis Stadium3-2-1 Left
Empire Stadium3-2-1 Right
Rocket Park3-2-1 Up
Forbidden Stadium3-3-3 Left
Coliseum3-3-3 Up
Monument stadium3-3-3 Down
Minotaur team1-1-0 Down
Extra time after plays1-2-3 Up
Small heads2-0-0 Left
Big heads2-0-0 Right
Tournament mode1-1-1 Down
Scorpion team1-1-2 Down
Lion team2-2-0 Right
Pinto team2-1-0 Right
Evil Clown team2-1-1 Down
Rivera team2-2-2 Up
Terry Fitzgerald team3-3-3 Right
Oshlan team2-2-2 Down
Gladiator team1-1-3 Down
Sub-Zero team1-2-2 Down
Horse team2-1-1 Right
Eagle team2-1-2 Right
Todd McFarlane team2-2-2 Right
Alien team2-3-1 Down
Casey team2-3-3 Down

Unlock the Season Video:

To unlock the Season video, complete a full season.

Unlock the Season Video:

To unlock the Challenge video, complete Challenge Mode.

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